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Mary Ann Cofrin Hall

Project Scope

This project will establish a new academic facility with three interrelated thrusts: social and environmental sciences, information and learning technology, and community-academic program links. It creates an appealing academic "front door" to the campus with its exhibits of environmental science, geographic, and social science materials. Active student learning is enhanced by general assignment classroom spaces that support learning teams and state-of-the-art multi-media presentation, demonstration, and interaction. Specialized lab space is provided to facilitate synergies in student and faculty instruction in natural history, plant and animal life, social science research, geography, mapping, environmental design, media analysis, computer science, and nursing. Public areas are provided for display of valuable collections, including the Richter Natural History Collection, Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas collection, and to facilitate access to the University's Arboretum and Herbarium.

Construction Information

Architectural Design Team
Somerville ArchitectsLead architects
HOK Architects, St. Louis DivisionDesign Development
Graef, Anhalt, and SchloemerStructural design
Architectural Energy CorporationDaylighting
PSJ EngineeringPlumbing systems
Kvernstoen Kehl & AssociatesAudio Visual systems
Arnold & O'SheridanElectrical systems
Wisconsin Public Service CorporationElectrical energy corporation involved with renewable energy
Solar Design AssociatesPhotovoltaic systems
Intelligent Network SolutionsData communications

Construction Team
JC Basten ConstructionGeneral contractor
Reeke-MaroldPlumbing contractor
VanZeeland HeatingHeating and ventilating contractor
VanDenHeuvel ElectricElectrical contractor

Building Statistics
Size of Building69,150 nsf / 129,850 gsf
No. of General Assignment Classrooms6: 22 seat,
6: 45 seat
7: 75 seat, with tiered flooring
2: 120 seat, with tiered flooring
Specialty LaboratoriesCartography, Geographic Information Systems, Media Analysis, Computer Science, Distance Learning, Social Science Research, Nursing
No. of Academic Program
offices & support spaces
Public enhancement areasFour-seasons room, gathering rooms, Richter Collection, Herbarium and Arboretum offices. Pathway and overlook leading directly to the Cofrin Arboretum.

Wisconsin Public Service "Solar Buildings" Website

Progress Reports

October 07, 1999

As most of you are aware, we anticipated breaking ground for the new academic building early this autumn, but there still is no hole in the ground at UW-Green Bay. Why has nothing begun?

Construction documents were completed and send out for bids late in the summer. Bids were received from general contractors, heating-ventilation-and air conditioning contractors (HVAC), plumbers, and electricians. The low bids were totaled and came in about 10% over the budget. This has not been uncommon for UW-System projects this year (the robust economy means contractors have lots of work) but it still presents a challenge.

Because this has occurred on other projects, the Board of Regents Physical Planning and Funding Committee addressed the issue at their September meeting. They concurred with the recommendation of the Universities of Wisconsin staff that the System must strive to construct facilities that meet academic needs, and that we should not sacrifice quality, even if that means rolling some approved projects into a subsequent biennium in order to fund projects ready for construction, like ours. Concomitantly, we have been engaged in "value engineering" with the architects, Division of Facilities Development, the Universities of Wisconsin Capital Planning and Budget staff, and the contractors who put in low bids. That is, we have identified changes that can be made without sacrificing the program or its quality. The contractors are estimating how much these changes would save.

We will need to have a solution identified within the next few weeks. I still anticipate starting the excavation this fall and working through the winter. I will keep you updated and provide advance notice of the likely impact of construction once we have established a schedule.

March 01, 2000

Since the start of excavation, in November of 1999, the project has moved along at a steady pace. The work has been concentrated on the western portion of the building, since this is the crucial point to tie into the Cofrin Library. The photos show the Mechanical Room and the Nursing Room being constructed. The connection to the Cofrin Library has been excavated and will receive more work during the next month. Further away from the project site, the mechanical contractors have been installing larger diameter utility piping in the existing utility tunnel. The extension of the tunnel will tie into the Mechanical Room that has received the brunt of attention so far.

March 23, 2000

This week, the construction work has made dramatic steps. They are forming up the connecting point to the Cofrin Library, as well as, turning the corner of the west wing. The weather has been exceptionally warm (today's temps: 60), which has given the project a significant schedule boost. The contractor's will be making the connection into the Cofrin Library fairly soon which will allow the mechanical contractor access to the Library's fire protection system.

April 05, 2000

In the past two weeks, work has progressed into the Cofrin Library. Here the construction is focusing on connecting to the concourse level and the fire protection system. The hydraulic, elevator shaft has been developed and capped, along with forming the walls of the elevator shaft. Many of the photos will show the layouts of the classrooms and four-seasons area.

April 25, 2000

With extremely good weather, the project has been able to excavate most of the building's footprint. The concourse level classrooms, connecting to the Cofrin Library, has been backfilled and the roof deck set in place. The water connection has not been completed yet, but will happen in early May. A new brick color has been selected and will have to be tested, preliminary date is around September.

May 12, 2000

On Thursday, the water connection was made with the Cofrin Library. Work started around 1:00 am, with the water being turned back on around 7:00 am. The bridge on the East side of the Cofrin Library can now be removed. Most likely demolition is after graduation. The Mechanical spaces have the structural steel in place. Concrete forming of the East half of the building is beginning.

June 28, 2000

Significant progress has been made in the last month. The fire access bridge has been removed, the utility tunnel extension has reached the new fire access road, with piping being installed. Much of the building can be seen in some form. The concourse level rooms are well defined, as is the main staircase. The roof deck above the south, plaza level classrooms is being poured the week of July 4th, which will lead to closing in the southern portion of the 3rd floor office suite very soon. The pedestrian tunnel connection to the University Union is being formed and can be seen on one of the June pictures.

November 15, 2000

The building is nearly enclosed on all areas. Much of the interior stud walls have been constructed. HVAC and other MEP systems are progressing well. The brick has been approved and is arriving daily. An enclosure has been built on several wings of the building to permit the contractor to heat the space and lay bricks. The heat is being provided by the University's Central Plant Utilities with a condensate meter attached for measurement. The connection to the Cofrin Library at the Plaza level has been completed. Much of the Quad site grading work is not done yet. Window units have not been installed for the winter, but are covered with visqueen. The metal roof decking continues to be installed. The Four Seasons area solar glass will not be arriving until March.

January 30, 2001

The mild winter has allowed the contractor to make substantial progress on the exterior. Ninety percent of the exterior brick has been laid. Most of the work has shifted to the West side, enclosing the Gathering Room and bricking the connecting points to the Cofrin Library and University Union. The standing seam roof material is installed on most of the wings. Photovoltaic panels were installed the past week on the south wing. Skylights have been installed on the classroom spaces. The portions of the interior are becoming finished spaces. Most areas have been sheet rocked and painted. Mechanical spaces are fully functional and completed. Tentative completion of the construction is the end of June, with the Audio/Visual installation to follow. Much of the moving will take place during the summer.

September 13, 2001

The building has been signed off as "Substantially Complete" by the contractor and the University. The General Contractor has many items that need to be repaired or installed per the Punch Lists that were generated. All of the classrooms are functional and have had a lot of positive comments made by students and faculty. The Percent for Art floor installation at the bottom of the Main stair is a tile mosaic installation pertaining to an environmental theme. Much of the courtyard, arboretum trail, roads, parking, and walks need to be completed. The parking lots and walks should be completed by the end of September, while the courtyard and arboretum trail will probably run into the late fall if all goes well.


July - August 2001