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Digital Badging

Signal Expertise with Digital Badges

A Digital Badge/Certificate is a validation of an accomplishment, skillset, or competency that a learner has earned. Digital Badges/Certificates can be placed on a resume or digital platform, such as LinkedIn, to show employers you have the critical skillset and job-ready competencies that allow you to be a confident and engaging employee.

Benefits for the employee:

Verified Knowledge

Badges are a quick and easy way to share verified knowledge and expertise to employers and colleagues.
Digital Access

Badges empower earners with 24/7 digital access on resumes, websites, social media and email signatures.
Competitive Edge

Badges provide a competitive edge and a way to differentiate from other candidates.

Benefit for the employer:


Badges are a secure and verifiable way to recognize professional achievement.


Badges offer a current record of accomplishment for candidates.

Digital Badge
Digital Badges
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