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Multicultural & International Internships

For more information contact:

Office of International Education
(920) 465-2190
Cofrin Library 108
UW-Green Bay, WI 54311

"I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and I am sad to leave even though I’m so excited to graduate!"
- Siobhan Meyers, spring 2011
"I am grateful of this internship with the Office of International Education for pointing me in the general direction of where I hope to be professionally within the next couple of years. Through the course of the semester I have been able to note my personal growth from a completely unsure undergrad to a slightly more certain graduate with some actual work experience that will hopefully be enough to get my foot in the door of the professional world."
- Maggie Hastreiter
"I am truly grateful for the internship with the Office of International Education. It has given me practical and applicable knowledge that could only be achieved through such hands on experience."
- Bethany Swingen

"Overall, I am proud of the experiences that I was able to have because of working in the Office of International Education. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work there; it has influenced me to be even more determined about studying abroad for a semester. I need to experience something different from American culture and learn as much as I can about other people. The world is a gigantic puzzle of humanity and I want to experience each piece for myself."
- Stephanie Suchecki, December 2010

"Being an intern in the Office of International Education (OIE) at UW-Green Bay was a wonderful learning experience. What I expected to gain from the internship is somewhat difference than what I actually experienced in the past four months but definitely invaluable. Much of my daily work involved performing menial tasks but I did get the gist of how office system works. While there are many great aspects of the OIE, I did observe many faults, some of which take little time or money to resolve. Despite some minor disappointments involving the internship, because of all the positive ones, I am now strongly considering a career in international education/relations."
-Brittany Jameson, 05/07/10

Admissions and Operations Specialist Internship

Candidates for the Admissions and Operations Specialist Internship position must be highly organized and possess the ability to multitask. Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential. Proficiency utilizing Microsoft Word, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer are essential. Fluency in a second language is a plus. Students with demonstrated maturity, flexibility and study abroad experience are encouraged to apply.

Job Responsibilities
The Admissions and Operations Specialist will assist the Program Manager in collecting, documenting and processing applications for study abroad, foreign entry requirements and National Student Exchange. The Admissions and Operations Specialist Intern serves as the initial contact for questions concerning OIE programming and will communicate with students frequently via email. Other duties include collaborating with OIE staff on special projects as needed.

Upon successful completion of the internship, the Admissions and Operations Specialist will have acquired basic knowledge of immigration regulations pertaining to international travel and study. The Admissions and Operations Specialist will also develop a thorough understanding of standard office procedures and record keeping.

Recruitment and Orientation Specialist Internship

Candidates for the Recruitment and Orientation Specialist Internship Positions must possess excellent writing and oral communication skills. Knowledge of advertising strategies, graphic design, culture and world geography are essential. Study abroad experience is a plus. Other desired qualifications include proficiency in a second language and a variety of software applications including PowerPoint and Word. Creative and outgoing individuals are encouraged to apply.

Job Responsibilities
The Recruitment and Orientation Specialist Intern will increase awareness of study abroad opportunities to UWGB students via the design and distribution of promotional materials. Additionally, the Recruitment/Orientation Specialist Intern will conduct informational sessions and workshops with large groups of students. The position requires an individual capable of working collaboratively with OIE Staff in developing special projects.

Upon successful completion of the internship, the Recruitment and Orientation Specialist will have acquired practical experience in collecting and evaluating marketing data as well as conceptualizing, developing and implementing comprehensive advertising campaigns.

International Internships


Business Internship in Germany
Students interested in International Business may have the opportunity to work in Germany for a German or multinational company to gain valuable experience and insight into German business culture as well as international business practices. In the past, students have worked for two to three months for a German company and were either assigned individual projects or were supervised on-site while taking part in the day-to-day operations of the company. Generally, students are paid for their work and are assisted in finding housing. All additional expenses are, however, at the cost of the student.

The German Program at UWGB has had cooperative agreements with Deutsche Unilever (Hamburg), Otto Versand (Hamburg) and Reemtsma GmbH (Hamburg). Typical internship placements have been in marketing or internal controlling, but the final decision is made by the host company. Students will apply through the German Program in conjunction with the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, a nonprofit German governmental organization which, for a fee, will arrange for a work permit.

In consultation with the UWGB German faculty, students who are combining a major or minor in German with a major or minor in Business may apply for these internships for 1-12 credits. As all activities are conducted in German, an excellent command of German is required. Moreover, the companies have set as a prerequisite a strong background in business practices as well. Thus to insure success of the program, the necessary prerequisites for these internships are 424-485 Semester Abroad in Germany, 424-483 Business German and a strong command of the German language. Students will be required to provide periodic updates to the UWGB German Program during the internship and to present a portfolio upon return to the U.S.

Hassen Networks
UWGB students with the appropriate German language skills have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of internships in the state of Hessen, Germany through the Hessen Networks internship program. Internships in Hessen are in a variety of fields, for example, translation, international education, business, medicine, education, communications and government. For more information click on Hessen Networks ( and talk with either Professor Coury ( or Professor Ham (

Spain and Latin America