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International Scholars

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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is committed to fostering international awareness and understanding through a variety of methods, including the involvement of international visitors in University activities (i.e. guest lectures, speakers, professors, researchers, entertainers, etc.). Due to the complexities involved in facilitating legal entrance into the United States, determining payment types allowable to persons in various visa classifications, completion of income tax and/or tax treaty documents, procedures for obtaining taxpayer identification numbers, etc. the Office of International Education coordinates the invitation, welcome, and maintenance of records for all international visitors to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. An international visitor is any person who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America.

Any person/group interested in inviting an international visitor(s) to campus should notify, in writing, the Director of International Education. The Office of International Education will then:

  • Assist appropriate University staff in establishing a workable budget and securing any needed approval.
  • Assist in the coordination of services including housing, meals, transportation, etc.
  • Correspond with the international visitor(s) to obtain demographic information needed to process immigration and tax filing.
  • Determine which visa type is most appropriate for the international visitor.
  • Produce immigration documents that will enable the visitor to apply for a U.S. visa and legally enter the United States.
  • Prepare and send an invitation packet that includes:
    1. A letter of invitation
    2. Immigration documents
    3. Instructions on applying for a visa and entering the United States
    4. Insurance coverage information and application
    5. Taxpayer/tax treaty information and forms (W‐8 BEN, 8233, etc.)
  • Establish a personal file for thorough record maintenance.
  • Process immigration, insurance and tax forms.
  • Facilitate Payment to Individual Reports and supporting documentation that enables honorarium remittance and travel expense reimbursement.
  • Welcome the international visitor(s) to campus with a brief orientation program that:
    1. Verifies legal entrance into the United States pursuant to visa classification
    2. Conducts health screening pursuant to UW-Green Bay policies and procedures for communicable disease assessment and Tuberculosis testing.

International Scholar-in-Residence Program

*Funding has been suspended until further notice.

The UW-Green Bay Scholar-in-Residence program offers faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to host international visitors that will serve to strengthen the global resources and programs of the institution and community. The International Scholar-in-Residence Program will provide up to $15,000 annually in support of visitors engaged in guest teaching/lecturing, research collaboration, cultural exchange activities, administrative and/or organizational consultation, professional development, and/or community volunteering.

Sample activities include:
  • Teaching courses from a comparative or international perspective
  • Serving as a resource in interdisciplinary courses or new course development
  • Participating in seminars or colloquia that would benefit from the scholar’s experience
  • Participating in campus/community life

The International Scholar-in-Residence is intended to benefit all areas of the institution. All disciplines, departments, and student organizations are encouraged to apply.


The UW-Green Bay Scholar-in-Residence Program will be capitalized with agency funds and a 150 account. The Office of the Provost will provide budgetary oversight. All financial transactions will comply with UW-System policies as well as State and Federal laws.


Any member of the UW-Green Bay community, including faculty, staff, and students may apply to the International Scholar-in-Residence program for financial support in bringing a temporary international visitor to campus. Applications will be due by March 15th for the following academic year.

To complete the electronic application you will need the following information:
  • Proposal originator contact person, department/student status, and contact information
  • Name of the proposed visiting scholar
  • The visiting scholar’s content area of expertise
  • The visiting scholar’s country of residence
  • Clarification on whether the proposed visitor speaks and understands the English Language. If not, the originator will be asked to describe what arrangements will be made to assist in communication.
  • The amount of money requested (by completing an online budget form)
  • Whether or not the proposal is receiving funding from other sources. If so, how much and from which sources.
  • A narrative detailing the proposed visitor activities, attesting to the scholar’s qualifications, and explaining how the visit would be beneficial to the campus community
  • A curriculum vitae of the proposed visitor

Complete the Electronic Application


International Scholar-in-Residence funding proposals will be evaluated by the International Education Committee by April 30th of the year preceding the proposed visit. In evaluating funding proposals, the International Education Council will consider:

  • Whether or not the principles of the visit/activity are in accordance with the mission of UW-Green Bay and the International Scholar-in-Residence Program.
  • The number of students, faculty, and staff directly involved in the program. Preference will be given to applications that involve many individuals across the University.
  • The depth of relationship. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate a professional/working relationship has already been established.
  • Potential for positive impact. Preference will be given to applications that articulate a potential for long-term involvement/collaboration.

Notification of funding decisions will be sent by the Office of International Education with copies provided to the International Education Council and Office of the Provost.

The notification will include:
  • The amount of funding support
  • Detailed instructions on how funds may be accessed. All payments must be authorized and processed by the Office of International Education. Airfare will be processed as a reimbursement to the international visitor unless approved by the Office of International Education

Following notification of funding, the proposal originator will finalize the visitor’s schedule of activities/itinerary. Accommodation and transportation arrangements will be arranged by the Office of International Education. Visitors on campus for more than two-weeks are required to have a tuberculosis symptom screen in the Counseling and Health Center. All visitors are required to “check in” with the Office of International Education within 72 hours of arrival on campus.


Once the schedule of activities and budget has been finalized, a letter of invitation will be drafted by the Office of International Education and signed by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

The letter of invitation will include:
  • Dates of the visit
  • An overview of the activities that will take place during the visit and/or a detailed itinerary
  • A detailed explanation of funding, including honorarium, travel reimbursement, and/or meal allowances
  • Guidance on completing IRS paperwork, including application for Individual taxpayer Number, W-7, W-9, W-8 BEN, and/or 8233 along with instructions on returning the forms to the Office of International Education
  • Guidance on obtaining an appropriate non-immigrant visa allowing entry into the United States, and a detailed explanation of immigration forms produced by the Office of International Education
  • Office of International Education contact information should the invited scholar have questions regarding payment, tax reporting, or immigration
Campus Visit

The sixth step in the UW-Green Bay International Scholar-in-Residence Program is hosting the visitor. During this period of time, the visitor will maintain direct contact with the proposal originator and follow the schedule of planned activities.


Following the international scholar visit, the grant originator will provide the Office of International Education with a summary report for distribution to the International Education Council and Office of the Provost.

Fill out the application

Visiting Scholar Program

UW-Green Bay partners with St. Norbert College in the administering an innovative visiting scholar program.

Visiting Scholar Program