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Payroll Taxes & Deductions

Federal and State Income Tax Withholdings
  • All faculty & staff are subject to federal and state income tax withholdings.
  • Federal W-4 Form and WI WT-4 Form- to change tax withholdings send the completed form(s) to Human Resources.
 Social Security and Medicare Tax Withholdings
  • All employees have Social Security (6.2%) and Medicare (1.45%) taxes withheld from wages. 

 Parking Permits
  • Ongoing employees may elect to have parking deductions taken on paychecks during the academic year through an annual enrollment process.
  • New hires that missed the annual process may elect to have parking deducted from remaining paychecks by completing a Parking Permit Request for Payroll Deduction
Kress Events Center Membership
  • Faculty & Staff can sign up at the beginning of each school year at the KEC to have their memberships deducted from payroll.
  • Kress Events Center Membership
Benefit Eligible Employees
  • Employees enrolled in benefits plans will have premiums deducted based on their specific Payroll Schedules.

Student Employees
Student employees do not have Social Security or Medicare tax (7.65%) deducted from their pay checks while they are enrolled in classes, provided they are degree-seeking and meet the minimum credit threshold for half-time status.
  • At least 6 credits for undergraduate students each semester
  • At least 5 credits for graduate students each semester
  • At least 3 credit during a summer session
During the summer, Social Security and Medicare tax deductions must be taken from students if they are not enrolled in summer sessions or have more than a 5-week break between sessions. Students will not receive the deduction for those payrolls when they are attending a summer class.