Record Hours & Get Paid

All student employees use MyUW to record hours. Paid time is automatically rounded to the nearest 15 minute interval. Additional details and instructions for time entry are available from Human Resources & Workforce Diversity. 

MyUW also houses student Earning Statements and Tax Statements, including an electronic copy of the annual W-2 form. Students may use the portal to update address information. Please note changes in MyUW only impact payroll information and will NOT update the Student Information System (SIS).

Students are paid biweekly (once every two weeks), unless otherwise specified. Payroll is directly deposited into the student's checking or savings account. Federal Work Study students do have the option to receive payment via a prepaid debit card. Pay is not credited to the student's tuition or expenses.

Review the Student Payroll Schedule for pay period date ranges, the dates in which paperwork/timesheets must be submitted in order to be processed, and dates in which payment will be received. All earnings are subject to payroll taxes and deductions. Current students with sufficient enrollment may be exempt from Social Security or Medicare withholding.