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We offer our most popular courses, and you will receive priority placement as part of the Academy. Courses are available based on the academic calendar in fall and spring, subject to sufficient enrollment 

Courses Available to All Eligible High School Students

  • Spring 2023 courses begin on January 23, 2023 and end on May 12, 2023
    Note: UW-Green Bay's spring break may not align with each high school's spring break; students will be expected to complete assignments and coursework following the UWGB calendar, even if their high school is on break
Semester  Course Title Description Credits
Spring 2023 ART 102:
History of the Visual Arts I
Survey of the visual arts: prehistoric to the late Gothic period.  3
Spring 2023 ENGLISH 264: Special Topics in Literature - Poetry Introductory study of poetry: free verse, avant-garde, and off the page. Course is repeatable for credit if topics differ; may be taken 2 times for a total of 6 credits. 3
Spring 2023 FIN 282: 
Personal Financial Planning
Exploration and functional analysis of consumers' financial needs and problems in our modern and complex society; learning to formulate financial goals, implement and monitor them through specific plans, financial functions such as budgeting, investing, financing, protecting and distributing wealth; philosophies and values of consumers; legal aspects of consumer rights. 3
Spring 2023 HUM BIOL 215: Personal Health & Wellness Theoretical and practical knowledge about health and wellness, with experiential exercises to heighten awareness of one's own values, attitudes, and abilities toward healthy living. 3
Spring 2023 PHYSICS 141: 
A study of the solar system, stars, galaxies and universe. High school algebra and geometry competency is highly recommended. Full credit will not be granted for both PHYSICS 141, PHYSICS 143, or both PHYSICS 141 and PHYSICS 144. 3
Spring 2023 PHYSICS 142:
Observational Astronomy
Observation of solar system, galactic and extra-galactic objects, and introduction to basic observational techniques in astronomy. Includes telescopic and unaided eye observation, positional astronomy, astro-photography, optic spectroscopy, interpretation of astronomical data, and astronomy laboratory exercises. High school algebra and geometry competency is highly recommended. This is a lab designed to accompany the lecture content (PHYSICS 141) 1
Spring 2023 PSYCH 203:
Intro to Lifespan Development
Human development from conception through death: physical development, social and emotional development, and psychological development. Topics may also include personality development, the development of language, intellectual development and creativity, and the process of human learning. 3

Open to Students at Specific High Schools

Courses available to only eligible high school Students at their specific high school.
District-Specific Courses
High School  Semester/Dates  Course Title/Credits Description
School Districts within
Ho-Chunk Ancestral Land
Fall Semesters Intro to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World  This introductory course to First Nations Studies presents the American Indian tribal cultural context through both information and class structure. A core value is personal sovereignty supported by respect, reciprocity, and relationship.

More specifically, in this class we will explore the historical and cultural background and continued resilience of the Ho-chunk people of Wisconsin. Within that story, students research their own cultural identity and where they fit within the grand narrative of American history and the shared history of our region. 


UW-Green Bay reserves the right to cancel any course or program due to low enrollment, conditions beyond reasonable control, including, but not limited to low enrollment, disaster, inclement weather, health emergency, unavailability of supplies, acts of God or any other circumstance. ​
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