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Available Fall & Spring Semesters

We offer our most popular courses, and you will receive priority placement as part of the Academy. Courses are available based on the academic calendar in fall and spring, subject to sufficient enrollment. If courses need to be cancelled, you and your school will be notified a minimum of one month before the course begins. See our past courses here

Open to All Students

(Homeschool or at Any High School)
Courses run January 25, 2021 - June 4, 2021*
Semester  Course Title Description Transferability Credits Instructor Textbook Info
Spring 2021 PSYCH 203 - Intro to Lifespan Development Human development from conception through death: physical development, social and emotional development, and psychological development. Topics may also include personality development, the development of language, intellectual development and creativity, and the process of human learning. View here 3 Valerie Grisom Available on Amazon
Spring 2021 ENGLISH 214 - Intro to English Literature Chronological survey of English literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the end of the 18th century, including such writers as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Pope, and Swift. View here 3 Nichole LaGrow $25 digital resource purchased  here through the Phoenix Bookstore 
(note: you will need to create a Phoenix Bookstore account)
Spring 2021 FNS 225 - Introduction to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World This introductory course to First Nations Studies presents the American Indian tribal cultural context through both information and class structure. A core value is personal sovereignty supported by respect, reciprocity, and relationship. View here 3 Forrest Brooks 3 required books; can be found on Amazon
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
* Courses may break for holidays. Please see individual course syllabi for information regarding scheduled breaks.

Open to Students at Specific High Schools

Courses run January 25, 2021 - June 4, 2021*
The classes below are only available to students in the high schools listed.
Specific Schools/Courses Offered
High School  Semester/Dates  Course Title/Credits Description Transferability Instructor Textbook
Guangwai-Pacelli High School Spring 2021

March 1- June 18, 2021
Introduction to Psychology

3 credits
Understanding of behavior from psychophysiological, cognitive, social and clinical perspectives; important issues, methods and findings in the study of psychological processes.  View here Valerie Grissom TBD
Guangwai-Pacelli High School Fall 2021 Introduction to Environmental Science

3 credits
Examines the interrelationships between people and their biophysical environment, including the atmosphere, water, rocks and soil, and other living organisms. The scientific analysis of nature and the social and political issues of natural resource use View here TBD TBD
Guangwai-Pacelli High School Fall 2021 Introduction to Communication

3 credits
Communication is the means by which individuals learn about themselves and the world around them. This course is an introduction to Communication, which emphasizes the understanding of messages in various settings, including interpersonal, small group, organizational, and mass communication. Such topics as the interplay between American society and mass media are discussed. View here TBD TBD


UW-Green Bay reserves the right to cancel any course or program due to low enrollment, conditions beyond reasonable control, including, but not limited to low enrollment, disaster, inclement weather, health emergency, unavailability of supplies, acts of God or any other circumstance. ‚Äč

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