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Since this will be your first time taking post-high school college credits, you will be applying as a first-year student. This means there are certain items you need in your application. Take a look below.

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Applying is Easy as 1-2-3

There are a few pieces in a completed application. Here's what to send.


Complete the UW System Application.


Send in the $25 application fee. Is the fee an obstacle? Request a waiver in your application.


Send your official high school transcripts to or by mail.


Optional: ACT / SAT Scores

Test scores are not required for your application to be reviewed, but you are welcome to provide them. Learn more about providing your test scores.


Have questions or need help with any of these steps? Just contact us.

First-year student application guide

High School Records

The best way to determine if you are likely to do well at UW-Green Bay is to review your performance in high school. Learn more about how we review your transcripts. 

Test Scores

Providing test scores is optional. It is not required for your application. Take a look at how test scores are used in your application, if provided. Check it out

Writing Your Essay

Preparing your application essay can be one of the most challenging parts of applying. Want to know what we are looking for in essays? We’ve got you covered.

Letters of Recommendation

You are also not required to provide letters of recommendation in your application. If you’d like to, here’s what to keep in mind

Hints for submitting your application

Let’s avoid technical problems. Take a look at a few hints about keeping your application process moving forward.  

Your activities and involvements

Wondering how we review activities and involvements? We can tell you all about it, and why it matters to be involved in high school.

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