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Mentoring Project

Inspiration Goes
Both Ways

Connecting students with professional mentors.

Sometimes, we all need somebody to lean on. Mentors can help you set goals, advise about your career path, make professional connections and serve as a trusted role model to support you through hardships.

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Cofrin School of Business Mentoring Project event

About the Mentoring Project

The Mentorship Project is designed for first-generation UW-Green Bay students. It's a means to help them be successful during college and prepare for their future careers. The program started for Cofrin School of Business majors, and has since expanded to include students majoring in Education, Human Biology, or Public and Environmental Affairs, and we hope to continue growing the program in future years.

This is an opportunity for area business professionals to connect with UW-Green Bay students in meaningful ways without the large commitment of forming an internship program at their company. Students can also connect with mentors from small businesses and career fields without internship positions that could otherwise be difficult environments to find connections and form relationships.

For Students

Being a mentee is an incredible way to further your career development and your support network at college. You will gain a connection to the community, guidance as you navigate college and insights into career fields. Participating can even help cover the cost of your textbooks. 

Mentee Benefits

  • Connect with the community
  • Gain guidance on navigating college
  • Gain insights into career fields & career readiness
  • Stipend for textbooks

For Professionals

We hope you understand how much an opportunity like this means to students. It positively impacts not only how they view their career goals, but how they begin to relate their academic and nonacademic performance to their future professional selves. We hope you gain a deeper connection to the UW-Green Bay community, an opportunity to share about your experiences and a stronger network of students that you are helping become successful future professionals. Additionally, being a mentor can help you grow personally and professionally as you practice empathy, building trust and communication in a professional relationship. Mentoring also adds to the legacy of your career – what you’ve learned won’t just end with you.

Mentor Benefits

  • Positively impact students
  • Connect with UW-Green Bay students
  • Expand your own network
  • Grow your own personal and professional skills
  • Leave a lasting legacy

Mentorship Timeline

Rolling basis throughout summerMentor training (virtual)
Early AugustApplications close
Late AugustMentors and mentees are matched
September (evening)Meet and greet dinner event
October to May, scheduled by each pairMonthly one-on-one meetings with mentor/mentee
MayOfficial program ends, Mentors and Mentees are welcome to stay in contact

Applications Are Open

Now accepting applications for both mentors and mentees for 2023-24.

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Kathryn Marten

Have Questions?

For more details on the Mentoring Project, please contact Kathryn Marten, Student & Community Engagement Coordinator, at or 920-465-2870.

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