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Digital Transformation

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Be on the cutting edge of business innovation.

We recognize the significance of the inflection point we are living in—exponential technology change creating opportunities for people, profit and planet previously unimaginable within the business world. And we’re ready—to prepare students to thrive in the age of digital transformation and be confident to engage in this dynamic period of experimentation.

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New business horizons

Next-Gen Tech: What's Coming

Hyperautomation. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Multiexperience. The Cofrin School of Business at UW-Green Bay is transforming technology use in the classroom and the community.

Education of the future webinar

Webinar: Creating the Classroom of the Future

What do video games, AI, speech modifying software, Microsoft, credentialing and Google all have in common? They’re changing higher education as we know it! By embedding technology and gamification into the classroom experience, UW-Green Bay is actively preparing for what education could and should look like in the future.

Length: 56 min.
Date: 1/29/2021

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Technology Trends webinar

Webinar: Partnering with Tech Expertise

Preparing the workforce of tomorrow will require a new approach in development and delivery. Effective preparation requires expertise. Oliver Buechse is leading UW-Green Bay’s digital transformation. As Executive in Residence for the Cofrin School of Business, he is essential to focusing our vision and creating new, dynamic business partnerships.

Length: 1 hr.
Date: 1/29/2021

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Building Community Connections

Community partnerships foster innovation. Dream big. As the Executive in Residence working with TitletownTech and UW-Green Bay, Aaron Kennedy collaborates on helping the next generation succeed through a new, holistic entrepreneurial model. UW-Green Bay’s strong connection with TitleTownTech opens even more doors for students. The facility exists to find solutions and grow startups related to sports, media, entertainment, digital health, agriculture, water, environment, advanced manufacturing and supply chain technology.

Titletown Tech

Exploring Technological Advancements

Determined to keep innovating and connecting with our UW-Green Bay community, we have created digital transformation summer series exploring advancing technologies. These sessions are hosted by the Cofrin School of Business Expert in Residence for Digital Transformation, Oliver Buechse.

Digital Transformation 2020 Summer Series

1What to Expect from the Great Transformation & The Promises and Challenges of Blockchain
2Understanding AI Like Never Before & Digitizing White Collar Jobs
3Welcome to a New Reality: Augmented and Virtual & The Agricultural Revolution
4The Evolution of Robots & Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles to Flying Cars
5Preparing for the Great Talent Transformation
6Technology Trends you Must Know About
7From Start to Smart to Really Hard: Technology Pathways
8How Technology will Take Sports to New Levels

Recordings of these sessions are available to UW-Green Bay students, faculty and staff. To request access, email

Oliver Buechse

Want to Know More?

Oliver Buechse is our Expert in Residence for Digital Transformation. As an expert on a variety of future-looking technologies, Buechse is helping faculty to integrate learning about and using these technologies in many undergraduate courses.

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