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Cofrin School of Business Mission

The Austin E. Cofrin School of Business is a community of teachers, scholars, professionals, and learners dedicated to advancing the economic prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit of northeastern Wisconsin through partnerships, quality educational programs, and impactful research.

Mission-Driven Actions

We achieve this mission through the following actions:

Deliver Quality Education

Addressing the educational imperative to increase access to, and completion of, quality baccalaureate and masters-level business degrees within UW-Green Bay’s 16 county footprint in northeastern Wisconsin.

Seek Inclusivity

Intentionally seek a student body representative of the diverse, multicultural communities of NE Wisconsin that UW-Green Bay serves as a public regional comprehensive university.

Prepare Learners

Providing transformative undergraduate and graduate business degree programs that emphasize the use of high impact practices to prepare learners to ethically and critically address complex issues and deliver innovative socially responsible solutions.

Instill Philosophy

To instill in our learners a philosophy that the positive power of business drives economic, social, and environmental progress.

Partner & Collaborate

Recognizing our role as an anchor institution, to develop and sustain meaningful partnerships that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources with key stakeholders, including students, alumni, faculty, businesses, and other organizations and individuals that comprise our community.

Continuous Improvement

Building a diverse community of professionals who continually seek to enhance their core proficiencies through professional development and reflective practice, and a faculty who participate in high quality and impactful scholarship that incorporates discovery, application, and teaching and learning.

Vision Statement

Reflecting our responsibility as the regional comprehensive university serving the third most populous and economically important region in Wisconsin, the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business strives to become the third largest public business school in the State by delivering an array of undergraduate, graduate, and non-credit offerings built upon a foundation of partnerships and impactful scholarship.

Values Statement

In pursuit of service to our students and community, the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business stresses core values in:

Community engagement

a recognition of our responsibility to act as an anchor institution and through open dialog and partnership create shared opportunities and broad benefits across Northeastern Wisconsin.


a commitment that inclusivity, team-work, and interdisciplinary study enhance our ability to think creatively, act ethically, practice informed decision-making, and lead change.


a shared belief that reflection and calculated experimentation leads to a problem-solving mindset and continual progress in teaching, scholarship, and business evolution.


a recognition of the power and responsibility of business to innovate sustainable social, environmental, and economic practices.

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