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Student Association for Management (SAM)

Management Material

Coordinate. Delegate. Succeed.

At some point, every organization needs managers to be successful. Management is a science and an art, rallying people to accomplish tasks and achieve goals with planning and organization.

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Managing a team

About SAM

The Student Association of Management (SAM) was formed in Fall 2017, and is the only management-focused student organization that welcomes any and all students of UW-Green Bay that want to learn more about management practices.

Membership Information

SAM offers many opportunities for professional development to its members. The goal of the organization is to teach students more about management practices and get them connected to business professionals that can help them advance their academic and professional careers.

Become a Member

To become a SAM member, please follow these steps:
  1. Join our Microsoft Teams group, by emailing
  2. Attend the monthly meetings

Graduation Cords

If you are a senior, SAM offers graduation cords. More information about this will come in Spring.

SAM Events

SAM meetings occur once every month, and they usually include a guest speaker from a business-related field. Students from all majors are welcome to attend SAM meetings to explore whether it fits their needs and interests.
Past speakers have discussed a range of topics such as recruitment strategies from the point of view of applicants and interviewers, small business management, etc.

The organization also hosts socials and other fun events to get its members involved. 

SAM Research Group

Another way you can become involved in SAM is to join our research group.  Advisor Dianne Murphy, Ph.D. is leading this group, and the goal is to conduct a study related to management and present our findings at a conference in spring.


Our officers are student leaders who have stepped up to represent this organization.

Brinley Kowalkowski
Vice President
Erik Elliott
Cameron VanCamp
Brittany Cassidy
Social Media & PR Coordinator
Dianne Murphy
Dianne Murphy, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor
WH 470F