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Student Run Business Organization (SRBO)

Run, Don't Walk.

Learn to run a business by doing.

The Student Run Business Organization (SRBO) provides the framework for students to start and run businesses at UW-Green Bay. Students launched and manage a student-fun gift shop at the Weidner, selling branded merchandise and pieces from local artists. 

tudent run business organization

About SRBO

The Student Run Business Organization (SRBO) at UW-Green Bay plans to launch this organization with the opportunity of running an on-campus business. In an accessible and authentic business context, SRBO provide students an infrastructure for applied extracurricular, high-impact learning experiences to grow their leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of autonomy and connection with community. SRBO supports excellence in education, diversity, and inclusion efforts by providing students not only the financial benefits of a job, but also meaningful work aligned with career aspirations. In addition, the organization provides students a professional network that they may otherwise not have the time or resources to experience.

Membership Information

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Membership Chapter of SRBA

SRBA is largest global association supporting and promoting student-run business organizations. At the cutting edge of learning, these organizations enable students to learn a variety of skills hands-on, as they run substantial businesses operating in the real-world. Founded in 2019, SRBA represents 2,000+ students in 60+ businesses across a growing number of university-affiliated organizations around the country (expanding globally).

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Our officers are student leaders who have stepped up to represent this organization.

Aubrey Pinkerton
Ben Thompson
Vice President
Alex Bunyard
Marissa Williams
Patrick Magala 
Tara Carr
Kathryn Marten
Kathryn Marten
Staff Advisor
WH 480A