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Austin E. Cofrin

School of Business

Digital Transformation

Technology is accelerating at an exponential pace, reshaping business and creating opportunities for people, profit, and planet previously unimaginable. But progress is rapid, and the opportunity window is short. The Cofrin School of Business recognizes the significance of the inflection point we are living within, and we are committed to position NE Wisconsin to capitalize on this business revolution. Through innovative programing, strategic new hires, impactful scholarship, and partnership with the community, we are transforming the way we prepare students and engage with the regional business community. Below you will find a short summary of some of our key initiatives focused on Digital Transformation.

Meet our Executive-in-Residence for Digital Transformation, Oliver Buechse

Oliver Buechse, CEO of Advancing Digital, joined UW-Green Bay in February 2020 as the Executive in Residence for the Cofrin School of Business, with a focus on digital transformation. As an expert on a variety of future-looking technologies, Buechse is helping faculty to integrate learning about and using these technologies in many undergraduate courses. Read the full article about Buechse joining UW-Green Bay.
Oliver Buechse


Classroom of the Future movement

What do video games, AI, speech modifying software, Microsoft, credentialing, and Google all have in common? They’re changing higher education as we know it!

UWGB and the Cofrin School of Business are actively preparing for what education could and should look like in the future, embedding technology and gamification into the classroom experience. Learn more from Oliver Buechse, Executive in Residence for Digital Transformation in this webinar on futuristic trends in education, recorded on January 29, 2021.

Additionally on January 29, 2021, Buechse presented a webinar on tech trends outside of higher education, as highlighted in the CES annual conference.

Technology in Context Summer Series (2021)

Explore advancing technologies, hosted by the Cofrin School of Business Expert in Residence for Digital Transformation, Oliver Buechse. These sessions are free and open to the public, so all are welcome to register.

     Part 1:  Technology Fundamentals
June 10: Session 1:  Digital Transformation - The greatest change event in history. 
June 17: Session 2:  The Family of Artificial Intelligence Technologies. 
June 24: Session 3:  Interface Technologies of Tomorrow. 
July 1: Session 4:  The Many Faces of Robots in the Future. 
July 8: Session 5:  The Cutting Edge of New Technologies
     Part 2:  Technology in Context
July 15: Session 6:  New Technologies and Racial Bias
July 22: Session 7:   New Technologies and Democracy.
July 29: Session 8:  New Technologies and the Future of our Planet. 
August 5: Session 9:  New Technologies and the Future of Learning. 
August 12: Session 10:  New Technologies and the Future of Relationships.

Digital Transformation Summer Series (2020)

COVID-19 and summer break can’t stop us from learning in the Cofrin School of Business! We’re determined to keep innovating and connecting with our UWGB community. Interactive webinar sessions led by Executive in Residence Oliver Buechse are offered each week of the 2020 summer. This event series is exclusively for UW-Green Bay students, faculty and staff.

To view recordings or PowerPoint slide decks from the sessions, email Topics are listed below.
  • What  to Expect from the Great Transformation & The Promises and Challenges of Blockchain
  • Understanding AI Like Never Before & Digitizing White Collar Jobs
  • Welcome to a New Reality: Augmented and Virtual & The Agricultural Revolution
  • The Evolution of Robots & Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles to Flying Cars
  • Preparing  for the Great Talent Transformation
  • Technology Trends you Must Know About
  • From Start to Smart to Really Hard: Technology Pathways
  • How Technology will Take Sports to New Levels

Meet our TitletownTech Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Aaron Kennedy

Aaron Kennedy is known for launching Lunchables, branding for Pepsi, founding Noodles & Company, and now for his entrepreneurship leadership work with TitletownTech and with UW-Green Bay as the Executive in Residence. Kennedy started in Green Bay in spring of 2019, and has been deeply rooted in preparing students, startup businesses, and the Green Bay community for the future ever since. In an article announcing Kennedy's new positions, he said, “I’m just thrilled to be joining this talented team and hope to help us realize the full potential of the TitletownTech vision: to foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Green Bay, Wisconsin and beyond. I was immediately captivated by the opportunity to participate in the creation of this new, holistic model to germinate, support and grow businesses. Though I’m thankful to have had some nice professional experiences, I truly believe that helping the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed at TitletownTech has the potential to be my most important economic and societal contribution. We’re dreaming big and we intend to deliver.”

UW-Green Bay’s strong connection with TitleTownTech opens even more doors for students. TitletownTech is a facility in Titletown, just west of Lambeau Field. It was formed through a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft to find solutions and grow startups related to sports, media, entertainment, digital health, agriculture, water, environment, advanced manufacturing, and supply chain technology. Three sections form TitletownTech: the Innovation lab focusing on digital, transformative solutions; the Venture Studio supporting entrepreneurs and their startups; and the Venture Fund investing in high-growth opportunities for the region.

Impact MBA

In this age of digital transformation, the Cofrin School of Business’ unique Impact MBA program is designed to prepare leaders to successfully imagine the future, disrupt the status quo and create a positive impact in their company, industry, and community. Unlike traditional MBA programs whose curriculums are predominately based on the functional, siloed areas of business, the Impact MBA shifts the culture of a business from a linear to an exponential adoption of new ideas and technology. With an innovative curriculum, our highly qualified faculty lead students to understand how emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and personalized marketing are transforming today’s industries, while preparing learners to build and lead modern, dynamic organizations.


MS Data Science

Developed with an understanding that today’s organizations need qualified professionals with the skills to transform “big data” into big insights and better decisions, UW-Green Bay’s Master of Science in Data Science program will teach you how to clean, organize, analyze and interpret unstructured data, deriving knowledge and communicating your discoveries clearly. In short, “big data” is the science of taking vast amounts of data and turning it into useable information that helps organizations make decisions and measure performance.

This master’s program is entirely online and will teach you how to harness the power of big data using the latest tools and analytical methods. The program focuses on how to clean, organize, analyze, and interpret structured and unstructured data, deriving knowledge and communicating your discoveries clearly to stakeholders. It is a 12-course, 36 credit program and is taught by expert faculty. The insight you gain during this program could help public, private or non-profit organizations in enhancing customer engagement, optimizing operations, identifying and preventing fraud, and generating new sources of revenue, among others. The program offerings are relevant for virtually any industry - health care, retail, marketing, manufacturing, transportation, communication, education, insurance, finance, security, law enforcement, and more.