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Fall 2018


Dr. Vallari Chandna will be presenting her research at the upcoming Southern Management Association (SMA) Annual Conference in Lincoln, Kentucky (November 6-10). The SMA conference is a premier conference in management and business. The presentation is titled: Follettian Integration as a Precursor to Co-creative and Sustainable Business Organizations.


Dr. Heather Clarke will be presenting her latest research at the AECSB Research Presentation series on October 18 in WH 213 at 3:30 PM. 
Dr. Amulya Gurtu had multiple research publications accepted for publication this month: The three research papers and a book chapter are:
Gurtu, A. (2019). The Strategy of Combining Products and Services: A Literature Review, Services Marketing Quarterly, 40(2).
Gurtu, A. (2018). A pioneering approach to reducing fuel cost and carbon emissions from transportation, Transportation Journal.
Aljazzar, S. M., & Gurtu, A. (2018). Observations: “A Joint Economic-Lot-Size Model for Purchaser and Vendor”, International Journal of Inventory Research.
Gurtu, A., Searcy, C., & Jaber, M.Y. (2019) Transportation and Sustainable Supply Chains. In J. Sarkis (Ed.), Handbook on Sustainable Supply Chains. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Dr. Vallari Chandna published an article in an A-level journal, Technovation, titled “When technology shapes community in the Cultural and Craft Industries: Understanding virtual entrepreneurship in online ecosystems” (publisher: Elsevier.) The article examines how the creative industries in today’s virtual world can leverage their online communities for improved satisfaction and performance. Read the article in ScienceDirect.


Our faculty Dr. Ranganathan and Dr. Gurtu published their work in a premier journal recently. Their work on advertising related to texting and driving was published in the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing which is ranked as "B" in the Australian Business Dean's Council list. Their work can be  found here: Henley, W.H., Ranganathan, & S.K., & Gurtu, A. (2018). Improving effectiveness of public service advertisements to prevent texting and driving of American youth. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing.

In light of this year’s centennial anniversary of The New State: Group Organization, the Solution of Popular Government, Mary Follett’s ideas are explored in a forthcoming centennial celebration book titled The Future of Progressivism: Applying Follettian Thinking to Contemporary Issues. The contributing authors explore how Follett’s particular type of pragmatist thinking holds promise in the face of global crises spanning climate change, social fragmentation, economic transformation, and political upheaval. Dr. Vallari Chandna is a contributing author to this special edited volume and her chapter titled

"Dynamic Holism in Enterprise: Follettian Integration as a Method for Achieving Sustainability" has been accepted for publication and is currently in-print. 

Dr. Chandna was also interviewed on WPR’s Central time on the subject of grocery shopping evolution, discussing the varied options, user demographics, changing shopping preferences and U.S. and global patterns of online grocery shopping. Her radio segment is available for listening here: 


Dr. Vallari Chandna recently had a paper accepted in the premier journal "Management Decision" which is currently published online titled "Sustainable consumption and growth: Examining complementary perspectives". By drawing attention to the finite rather than unlimited nature of physical resources, the purpose of this paper is to: examine the implications of the (near absolute) emphasis placed on firm growth on sustainable consumption; and discuss complementary perspectives spanning individual, firm and societal levels that allow for both firm growth and sustainable consumption. The authors integrate multidisciplinary insights from marketing, sociology, environmental sciences, management and economics, to understand the inherent tensions between unchecked firm growth, consumption and sustainability.

The full article is available at: