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Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic AffairsOffice of the Provost


Academic Affairs Directory

The Academic Affairs Directory is a listing that consists of UW-Green Bay academic affairs administrators. It includes the name, phone, e-mail address, and campus mail address for each member of academic administration.

See the directory of academic affairs administration.

Academic Program Directory

This is a directory of UW-Green Bay academic programs. It includes the name, phone, e-mail address, and campus mail address for the key contact person for each academic program or unit, as well as a support contact.

See the directory of academic programs.

UW-Green Bay Organization Chart (pdf)

The UW-Green Bay Organization Chart outlines the reporting structure of the major administrative units (e.g., offices of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, directors, chairs and other management positions.)

See the UW-Green Bay Organization Chart (pdf).

Other UW-Green Bay Directories

  • UW-Green Bay Online Directory Search
    Look up contact information for UW-Green Bay students or faculty and staff members.
  • Department Directory
    An alphabetical index of UW-Green Bay departments, programs, committees, centers, and partnerships with telephone numbers, office locations, and staff listings.
  • Social Media Directory
    A directory of UW-Green Bay programs and departments with presences in social networking and media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Flickr.