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Class Cancellation Procedures

Cancellation Procedure

Class Cancellation Procedures Effective as of Fall 2007

Faculty Responsibilities

In the event that an instructor must cancel class, the instructor is responsible for notifying his or her students, ADA (Academic Department Associate), and Unit Chair as early as possible and by the process indicated below.

  1. Send an email notification to your class distribution list, with copies to your Unit ADA and Unit Chair. How to look up a Course Distribution List.
  2. List the essential course information in the subject line so that it is visible even without opening the email message. The essential course information includes: Instructor’s Name, Course Number, Section Number, and Course Title. Example:
    Subject: Cancelled — Tom Jones, ACCTG 300, Section 2, Intro Accounting
  3. If the cancellation is due to a winter storm, also copy (cc):
  4. If you do not have access to e-mail (e.g., due to power outage or roadside mishap), call your ADA. If you cannot reach your Unit ADA, call your Dean’s Office:

ADA Responsibilities

In the event that the instructor does not have access to email and calls his/her ADA or Dean ’s Office, the ADA is responsible for sending an email notification, as indicated above, to the following parties:

  • the instructor’s class distribution list
  • unit ADA and chair

If the cancellation is due to a winter storm, the ADA is also responsible for sending notification to:

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for checking their university e-mail account for notices of class cancellation. In the event of a winter storm and the student does not have access to e-mail, they may call a classmate or the University Ticketing and Information Center at 920-465-2400.