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Syllabi Policy


UW-Green Bay maintains a Syllabi Repository for accreditation purposes and for historical records retention. Each department at UW-Green Bay collects syllabi from its faculty members and submits them to the electronic repository maintained by the University Archives. If you have questions about any of the procedures or process, please contact the Archives Department at (920) 465-2539 or


Syllabi act as a contract between the instructor and students. As such, it is important that syllabi are consistent with the University Academic catalogs, are consistent across sections and modalities (face-to-face, online, hybrid), include appropriate information about the instructor, the course, the content of the course, and the instructor’s requirements and expectations.

Likewise, it is important that different sections of the same course meet the same learning outcomes. Students across all sections of a course should expect to achieve the same outcomes, even if the specific content of the sections may vary somewhat. In addition, if a course is cross-listed as both an undergraduate and graduate course, then the different outcomes, requirements, and expectations need to be clearly stated.

This webpage is intended to function as a resource for faculty as they develop or revise their syllabi.

Syllabus Resource Links

Land Acknowledgement

Faculty are encouraged to incorporate the land acknowledgment as part of their syllabi should they so choose. Administrators and staff are also encouraged to integrate the land acknowledgment into publications and programs as appropriate. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our mission at UW-Green Bay and efforts made to demonstrate our commitment are important and appreciated.

Land Acknowledgement for Syllabi