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Student Complaints

Students have the right to seek resolution when they believe they received unfair or improper treatment from a UW-Green Bay faculty or staff member, department or office. Students are encouraged to resolve the matter informally before initiating the formal complaint process. Complaints only need to be reported if the two parties are unable to resolve the matter and the student opts to go the next step, involving a third party with authority over the matter (i.e. Chair, Dean, Director, HR).

Student Complaint Procedure

  1. Attempt to resolve the conflict informally. Usually the first step is to approach the faculty or staff person with whom there may be a problem to discuss the issue. For advice on how to proceed and bring resolution to the conflict, students may contact Dean of Students staff.
  2. Attempt the first-level response, following the Dean of Students Complaint and Grievance Policy.
  3. If the first-level response to the complaint has not resulted in a suitable resolution, the student may submit a formal report using the Student Complaint Form.
  4. A third party will record formal complaints when they are received. After a report is entered it will go to the designated Complaint Manager for that College or Division, who will follow up and add notes to document the manner and timeline of resolution. All complaints are reviewed by the Student Complaint Review Committee to ensure proper documentation is in place for Higher Learning Commission review.
  5. The student will be contacted by the appropriate administrative office in a timely fashion. For more information about the complaint process, see the Policy and Procedure for Tracking Student Complaints (pdf).


Quality Student Experience

UW-Green Bay is committed to providing students with an excellent college experience. As a best practice, the University collects and reviews complaints brought forward by students in order to maintain a high-quality education and student experience. Per requirements of the Higher Learning Commission accrediting agency, the University collects this information to report how complaints were resolved.

Technical Issues?

If you encounter technical issues using the Student Complaint Form, please contact the Dean of Students Office (920-465-2152 or for assistance.