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Winter Weather Rules and Tips

Police car responding to car crash in winter

Winter Weather Policy
Winter Weather Tips:

  • If you don't have to go anywhere, don't go. There is no reason to risk an accident.
  • Before the cold comes, get your battery checked. Many auto parts store offer free testing to see if your batter will make it through winter.
  • Always clear off your vehicle before operating it.
    • Remove snow from headlights and brake lights.
    • Remove snow from ALL windows and make sure they are adequately defrosted.
    • Remove anything that could fly off, including ice or snow, as you are responsible for any damage that occurs. Wis Statutes 348.10
  • Always maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles and slow down well before an anticipated stop.
  • All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive, is not four wheel stop. Don't let your vehicles capabilities make you over confident.
  • Try to maintain 1/4 tank of gas at all times. If you run out of gas, you run out heat in your car.
  • Put a blanket or warm clothes in your car and leave them there. If you become stranded, a blanket could save your life... literally.
  • Have a shovel and a small bag of ice melt at your disposal. A shovel and ice can bail you out of slippery situations.
  • Don't use the cruise control in wintry conditions.
  • And always buckle up!

Car in ditch in the winter

Winter Parking Regulations and Rules:

Snow Emergency:

The Declaration of a Snow Emergency by Public Safety/University Police is regarding parking regulations only. It should not be considered as a formal closure of the University or cancellation of any classes.

All parking regulations are in effect during a snow emergency, but special restrictions and exemptions are made for specific areas at specific times. Most commonly entire parking lots are temporarily closed so that snow removal equipment may safely enter and operate within these lots. Lots which are to be closed will have temporary physical barricades placed to signify they are closed.To allow for the relocation of vehicles already within these lots, street side parking is permitted(as posted) and other parking lots which may otherwise be restricted become exempt. The primary purpose of this is to maintain the parking lots in a safe condition, as well as to maintain the same parking capacity and functionality as during the non-winter months.

Students/Faculty/Staff will be notified by email when declaration of a Snow Emergency is imminent. Within this email, there will be a schedule of anticipated work inclusive of the specific lots to be closed, the time of closure, and anticipated time of reopening. It is the responsibility of Students/Staff/Faculty to monitor their email and comply with directions given. Any guest vehicles on campus in residence life, whose owners we cant directly notify by email, are the responsibility of the guest to whom they are registered.

University Police Officers will make efforts to contact the owners of vehicles who have not complied with the Snow Emergency. In the event contact cannot be made after a good faith effort, Officers can have the violating vehicles towed at the owners expense.