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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is established by the UW-Green Bay Institutional Ethics Committee PolicyThe Committee is an advisory board that works in partnership with various University units for the purpose of assessing and recommending policies, standards, programs, research and education concerning the Universities values, culture, and decision-making practices relating to ethics.  The Committee will also advise University stakeholders to ensure access to University resources is equitable and community partnerships meet standards for ethical activity.

Consultation of the Ethics Committee may be made by contacting:

Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Policy & Compliance, Chair (ex officio)

Christopher Paquet

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Courtney Sherman

Compliance Specialist-Risk

Sandi Maine-Delepierre

Associate Dean of College Per Provost

Scott Ashmann

University Advancement Representative

Dawn Crim, Ph.D

Continuing Education & Community Engagement Representative

Jess Lambrecht

University Staff Representative

Emily Matheny

Office of Grants & Research Director

Roger Wareham

Academic Staff Representative

Faculty Senate

Laura Nolan

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