Youth Protection

Protecting minors on campus is not just a good idea, it’s part of Wi. Stat. 48.981 and the Clery Act.  From these statutes, Regent Policies were put into place (see Related Documents below).  Coming in 2023 is the UW System Administrative Policy #625 for youth protection.  This policy sets minimum standards to protect minors on our campus.  It is the SRCs role to implement this policy on our campus and equip departments with the tools they need to ensure the protection of all minor’s visiting UWGB. 
To comply with UW System #625, the UWGB Youth Program SOP was written to provide guidance for what is required at UWGB.  This SOP outlines how UWGB is implementing Regent Policy #625 as to what is required from all parties seeking to hold activities on our campus where minors are in attendance, and how we document our compliance. 

Participating with Minors

At a minimum, employees, staff, or volunteers participating with minors during campus activities will:
  If you are considering serving at an UWGB event that will have minors, be aware of these requirements.  The activity Sponsor or Program Facilitator will coordinate this process with you. 

Hosting a Youth Event, Camp or Clinic

If you are considering coordinating an event with minor participants you are required to:

Program Support

For questions or assistance in this process, contact

Our Camps and Clinics Outreach also trains staff and volunteers annually on the overnight recreational youth requirements mandated by Wisconsin Department of Health Services Chapter 175.
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