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Return to Work

The Return to Work Program enables injured employees within the workers compensation program, who have medical work restrictions, to return to productive roles in the workplace. As en employer, the University recognizes the value of employee engagement within the organzation, the need for continuous productivity, and direct benefit to employees in maintaining their leave bank, reducing absenteeism, and days away from work.

This program is coordinated to provide, when available, a Transitional Modified Work Assignment to employees with work-related injuries and limitations identified by a healthcare provider.

  • Upon notificaton of an employee's work restrictions from a healthcare provider, the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator, Human Resources, and current Supervisor will confirm if light duty is available in employee’s present role.
  • If light duty is not available, the Workers Compensation Coordinator will confirm if other work is available through a Transitional Modified Work Assignment, that may be in another department or area on campus. This temporary placement is outside the scope of the employee’s assigned position description and is not necessarily the same number of hours, shift, or work location. The employee’s home department will be responsible for the wage and benefit costs during the period of a modified work assignment, regardless of placement.

The employee will receive notification to 1) return to work, 2) remain off work, or 3) return to work in a Transitional Work Assignment.

For questions on the Return to Work Program, consult the UWGB Worker Compensation SOP or contact Sandi Maine-Delepierre, or 920-465-2781.