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Employee Training

The Safety, Risk, and Compliance team training programs ensure employee success in the workplace. These trainings may be assigned annually or as needed to promote education on subjects and protocols employees should be knowledgeable about to minimize the University’s risk.

Employees are free to self-enroll and take the course at anytime by selecting the link below.

CourseCourse ContentRequired ForLink
Driving & Vehicle UseExplains the coverage requirements for driving on University business, how to obtain Driver Authorization, the permitted rules for driving different types of vehicles, and what to do in case of a vehicle accident.Any employee needing to drive for University businessCanvas Training Portal

See also the Permitted Vehicle Use matrix for rental instructions and requirements to driving vehicles.
Records ManagementDescribes Wis. Stat. Sec. 16.61 and the process in which each employee complies with State record retention and manages records within the department.All EmployeesCanvas Training Portal

See also the Records Management webpage for additional resources, such as the Records Schedule List.
SafetyOfferings of safety related courses like the New Employee Safety Orientation video covering safety and health topics such as recognizing and controling hazards, general safety guidelines, ergonomics and emergency preparedness. Other topics include Bloodborne Pathogens or the Laboratory Safety course.All EmployeesSafety Training Resources
Workers Compensation for SupervisorsDetails expectations of the Supervisor within the Worker’s Compensation Program and their responsibilities toward worker safety.SupervisorsCanvas Training Portal
This course is assigned to all new supervisors. For a refresher, supervisors may request by contacting

See also the Workers Compensation webpage for information and forms.