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Risk Management

The University of Wisconsin is a self-funded institution for the State of Wisconsin.  UW-Green Bay, as part of the UW System, is responsible for supporting risk management efforts across the UWGB Campus. These activities include the oversight of upholding applicable laws, regulations, and policies, as well as safeguarding the University from potential risk.

This is why you’ll see our team conduct investigations relating to safety, provide record management and workers compensation training, or share communications with employees on the importance of obtaining driver authorization.  We also work routinely with other departments to aid in understanding policies and building best practices.

Insurance Programs

UW-Green Bay Safety, Risk and Compliance Operational Area (“SRC”) monitors professional liability insurance, camps and clinics insurance, property assessments, and verifies all contractual insurance requirements. Most insurance reviews are completed annually. The SRC also verifies insurance with contracted third-parties holding events on the UWGB campus.

Insurance programs that employees, faculty, or other staff or agents, or students of UWGB would have an interest in are:

Covered insurance for the University arising out of injuries that occur during sponsored camps and clinics to participants high school age and younger. This insurance allows the University to cover medical expense claims without being negligent. Participants do not sign up for this insurance, rather the University maintains this insurance throughout the year to cover minors participating in our sponsored youth programs.Insurance available to third-parties who enter into a contractual agreement for use of University facilities. Third-parties who wish to rent facility space from the University, and do not have, or unable to purchase elsewhere, liability insurance, may request TULIP insurance as part of their facility use agreement. The insurance cost will be added into the facility rental fees.

URMIA Camp Insurance is also an option for third-parties.
Insurance available to Student Organizations or third-party organizations who are looking to hold an event or activity for minors on campus and their organization does not have, or unable to purchase elsewhere, liability insurance. This insurance would satisfy youth protection liability insurance requirements. Contact 800-446-5311 or see URMIA link.