Vehicle Use on University Business

University officers, employees, students, and agents who obtain a Driver Authorization may be approved to use a university vehicle, a vehicle rented under University Contract, or a personal vehicle while on university business.  
Vehicle use approval will only be given for university business including Incidental Use (activities necessary to sustain a traveler away from home such as dining within a reasonable distance).  To obtain authorization, see Driving Standards & Authorization.
Approved Usage Examples Inappropriate Use Examples
  • Class related field trips that are for educational purposes and have on-site supervision by a UW authorized driver.
  • While in travel status, stops at an ATM or financial institution or for lunch.
  • Students driving and attending University-related conferences, meetings, and events; provided that a designated instructor/faculty advisor approves of the trip.
  • Field Research under the supervision of a principle investigator.
  • Volunteer programs that are under the supervision and control of the University and that provide benefit to the University.
  • Individual research projects or course-work primarily for the personal benefit of a student working toward a degree.
  • Student field trips that do not have the approval of the faculty or advisor and/or are not class related.

If a trip is over 300 miles in one day, two drivers must be authorized and they shall change off driving.