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Sustainability Committee

2020-2021 Committee Members

David Voelker                                         

Chair of Sustainability Committee
Professor of Humanities 

Eric Amenson

Electronics Technician

Patricia Albers

Lecturer of Accounting

John Arendt            

Director of EMBI & Sustainability

Erik Aleson

Associate Director of Facilities Management

Vallari Chandna

Associate Professor of Management

Julianne Crayton

Assitant Director for Operations


David Helpap

Associate Professor of Public Administration

Holly Keener

University Executive Staff Assistant

Susan Grant Robinson

Cabinet Liason for Internal Affairs

Matt Suwalski

Director of University Union & Student Life

Committee Charge

Georjeanna Wilson- Doenges

Professor of Psychology

Michael Holly

Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology

Carly Kibbe

Assistant Professor of Human Biology & Biology 

Michael Shaw

Marketing Content Writer

​Christopher Williams

Assistant Professor of English

UW-Green Bay, described as America’s first environmental university, where every day was Earth Day, was called “Eco U” by Harper’s Magazine, Newsweek and other national and regional media shortly after its founding roughly fifty years ago. The nickname came about in large part because of the University’s interdisciplinary approach to solving environmental problems.


  1. Building upon this historical foundation, the UWGB Sustainability Committee (hereafter identified as the Committee) will assist in the development of a culture of sustainability awareness and behaviors across the entire campus community.
  2. Working collaboratively with faculty, staff, students, and the community, Committee members will identify strategic opportunities to integrate sustainable practices into operational, educational, and residential programs and processes, leveraging available financial resources while seeking new financial resources to achieve identified goals.
  3. The Committee will build upon past and ongoing successes in environmental and sustainability efforts to create value and a competitive position with external stakeholders, differentiating ourselves from other higher education institutions.
  4. The Committee will support faculty efforts to embed sustainability concepts and teaching across the curriculum.
  5. The Committee reports to the Chancellor.


  1. The Committee will be comprised of members of the University community who express an interest in environmental sustainability and/or hold a position that encompasses elements of sustainability. The maximum voting membership is 16 individuals, and a quorum will consist of one more than half of the voting membership. Typically, this will include:
    1. A representative from Facilities, University Union, University Communications, Residence Life, Computing and Information Technology, and Purchasing;
    2. Staff members with sustainability responsibilities
    3. At least one current UWGB student;
    4. Community members with expertise and interest in sustainability; and
    5. Faculty and Academic Staff with expertise and/or interest in sustainability.
  2. Committee members will serve a mutually agreed upon number of years.
  3. The Committee will elect its own members, with approval from the Chancellor.
  4. The chairperson shall be a faculty member who will serve a three-year, uninterrupted term and receive a three-credit course reassignment for each year of his or her term. The Chancellor will appoint the chairperson, with input from the Committee and other stakeholders (such as the academic deans).

If you have more questions about the work of the Sustainability Committee, please contact David Voelker.