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Sustainability for Students

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The swirling challenges of sustainability can feel overwhelming. But you're not alone. Through events, internships, volunteering and more, we will support your growth in the direction of a brighter future. Let's discuss your interests and get you connected.

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UW-Green Bay Round River Alliance student organization arboretum beach walk
Molly Frizzell Sustainability Engagement intern promoting Eco-Friendly Phoenix

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Become an Eco-Friendly Phoenix.

This organization is for students and alumni interested in connecting, learning, acting and advocating for sustainable change. With socials, workshops, mentorships and more, Eco-Friendly Phoenix will expand the impact of Eco-U.

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Be an Intern

Join the sustainability team or create your own internship and use your strengths to help UW-Green Bay reach its eco-goals.


Find an Eco-Event

Looking for something to do? Why not help the planet too! Check out our sustainability events.

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Collect compost

We are piloting a residential composting program for students. Sign up now to participate.

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What is Your Eco-Passion?

Interested in animal habitats? Want to harness the sun's energy? Known as "The Recycler" in your dorm? Regardless where your interests lie, explore the details of UW-Green's sustainability initiatives to find where you fit as of sustainability leader in our region:

Add Sustainability to Your Degree

Although any degree you receive can be used to help with sustainability, UW-Green Bay offers a broad range of undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and certificates that include addressing issues of sustainability.

UW-Green Bay Political Science Alumnus Casey Hicks

Meet a

"Since Oct 2020, over 64,000 lbs of food waste have been composted instead of going into a landfill. Fun tidbit: a significant amount of the wood chips come from downed trees on our campus! Recently we added some aromatic pines to the mix."

Bryce Oysti '23
Sustainability Intern

Rock climbing at Devil's Lake
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Enjoy the Earth

Go on an UREC Outdoor Adventure!

Enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of ways with UREC. We supply the equipment and lead outdoor adventure trips around the United States. Whether you're interested in rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snowshoeing or backpacking, UREC Outdoor has an offering for you!

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Daniela Beall

Searching for more?

Reach out to Daniela Beall, our Sustainability Coordinator, for more information, to explore a sustainability project or find out about sustainability internships.

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