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Water Conservation

We have the NERR-ve

The world's largest freshwater estuary needs you!

Water, perhaps more than any other element, connects and inspires our campus and community. UW-Green Bay is leading the multiyear process to establish the National Estuary Research Reserve (NERR) in our region. And from this living classroom and laboratory, we're creating new knowledge from our unique environment.

Learn About NERR

Student kayaking to do field research
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Learn About NERR
Profesor Christopher Houghton leads educational excursion into the Bay of Green Bay.
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Green Bay Buoy Project


$25,000 Grant Awarded to Use Wireless Technology to Address Climate Change

CTIA Wireless Foundation named UW-Green Bay a 2022 Climate Changemaker Award. Through a partnership with Cellcom, UW-Green Bay researchers are tracking water clarity and oxygen levels in the bay through wireless high-tech sensors deployed on buoys. Researchers believe the data will yield important insights to help protect the region’s freshwater ecosystem.

About the Grant

An Environmental Science and Policy graduate student tests the stream depth in Mahon Creek during Aquatic Invertebrates fieldwork lab. Mahon Creek runs through the Cofrin Arboretum at UW-Green Bay campus.
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Freshwater Collaborative Partner


Preparing the Next Generation of Water Scientists

UW-Green Bay is one of the 13 public universities in partnership with the  Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin, working with partners in industry, government, nonprofits and communities to train the next generation of water scientists. The Collaborative supports course development, hands-on field experiences, collaborative research and internship programs throughout the UW System to prepare students for jobs in water-related careers.

About the Collaborative

UW-Green Bay Manitowoc student water monitoring a creek near a hay field

It's Good to know

...where the water flows.

Managing stormwater and run-off pays off. The goal of the university's stormwater management program is to protect Mahon Creek, the Bay of Green Bay and ultimately Lake Michigan by reducing stormwater runoff pollution from Green Bay campus into these bodies of water. All our stormwater from campus discharges to the bay, so that’s why it’s very important to monitor and manage.

Learn How to Help

hand under running water holding soaprunning showerheadlaundramat seen through the open window of a front-load washerCloseup of a hand washing a headlight of a vehicle

Watery Wisdom

We treat water with respect.

Our facilities have low-flow fixtures for sinks and toilets to help use water efficiently. But you can help save water each day too! Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, take shorter showers, wash only full-loads of clothes and dishes, and wash your car on the lawn instead of the driveway with phosphate free soaps.

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Daniela Beall

Meet Daniela Beall

When Daniela Beall became a Phoenix as our Sustainability Coordinator, she dove right in, and has become a true difference maker. She can help you make a difference, too. Just ask!

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