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Efficiency is Our Super-power

Generating fresh and renewable ideas.

Or four-campus university is a powerhouse of innovation for our region. We're committed to creating comfortable and climate-conscious learning and living spaces that support our local and global communities now and into the future. You can help us adapt and build resilience.

Watt You Can Do

STEM Center Solar Panels


Designed with solar innovations in 2001, Mary Ann Cofrin Hall on our Green Bay campus was featured as "green" building of the year.

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We're converting our lighting to LEDs, and hope you will too! LED lights use less energy, last longer and shine better quality light.

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Electric & Gas

Heating and cooling is a BIG use of energy. Adjusting our building temps seasonally saves energy and reduces out-to-indoor body shock. Good for people and planet!

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Student carying a micro-fridge at freshman move-in dayStudents sitting in a UW-Green Bay dorm room that's decorated with miniature holiday lightsStudent carying a microwave at freshman move-in dayStudent using a laptop in her dorm room


Using less means you're doing more.

We hope to ignite your passion for a sustainable lifestyle that includes air-drying laundry, switching off power strips (slay energy vampires!) and closing windows to keep heating and cooling indoors. Also, depending on your living situation, consider sharing appliances (rather than everyone having their own) so there are fewer things always plugged in.

Shrink Your Footprint

Daniela Beall

Meet Daniela Beall

Want to talk climate change, greenhouse gas or energy conservation? We're interested!! Contact Daniela Beall, our Sustainability Coordinator, with questions, concerns and ideas.

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