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Social Justice & the Environment

Protect people & Planet

Embrace supportive relationships.

We are part of a web of life. Trees and algae fill our lungs with oxygen. Plants, animals and microbes transform energy from the sun and nutrients from the soil to nourish our bodies. Our neighbors and families, human and non-human, support us. First Nations Tribes offer a holistic worldview, helping us understand, honor and nurture healthy relationships that are key to our flourishing.

Learn from Tribal Elders
Dolly Potts, First Nation Elder and UW-Green Bay graduate
1970's environmental activisim from UW-Green Bay institutional archives

learn, act & grow

Join our efforts to take action to create a better future.

The University's mission from day one: to instill an environmental ethic to our academic programs, residential life and campus environment. The mission continues. We need you to carry it forward. Through collective effort, we can creatively experiment, evolve, adapt and do better.

Tony Evers shakes student hand at MESA meeting
EDI Focus

UW-Green Bay is committed to fostering an environment that is broadly inclusive, warmly welcoming and equitable to all.

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Goat yoga, girl petting baby goat.

The idea of improving our our world can be overwhelming. Let us help you address eco-anxiety and eco-grief.

Find Resources

Group of student allies
Pride Centers

We have Pride Centers on each campus to provide support to the LGBTQ+ communities on and off campus.

Find Support

MESA students works at laptop

Our Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs office promotes respect and appreciation of racial and ethnic diversity.

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Daniela Beall

become a Change Agent

We know the value of rest and resilience and to persevere in making change. I'm able to support you on your journey as a change-maker.

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