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Sustainable Ecosystems

Restore, Protect, Preserve

Taking actions to enhance native ecosystems.

Sustainability touches everything we do. From low-mow efforts and prairie burns to making homes for native bees and birds, UW-Green Bay fosters positive ecological activities. We invite you to join us.


Rocky shallows of the bay at Toft Point
Whitetail deer bedded in the wintery cover of the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum

Enjoy Ecological Harmony

Our Arboretum is home for 300+ species!

The Cofrin Memorial Arboretum exists to sustain Wisconsin's native plants, animals and insects. Within its 290 acres encircling our Green Bay campus, it is also a hub of research and recreation. The Arboretum is a living lab for environmental research and education, with trails for public recreation.

Explore Our Arboretum

still image from the UWGB Peregrine Falcon Nest Live camera feed

Preserve peregrine Nesting

Small actions help the endangered.

Since October 1975, peregrine falcons have been listed as "state endangered" in Wisconsin. These small, incredibly fast birds made a home on our Green Bay campus, and can be seen on our live YouTube nest-cam. This nesting area helps the endangered population and has also raised awareness in our community.

Watch Live

Honey bee on a purple daisy

Rally to
Protect Pollinators

Heard the buzz about our bees?

We're not only home to the Phoenix, but also a bounty of bees, including federally endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bees. As an official Bee Campus USA affiliate, UW-Green Bay is committed to the conservation of native pollinators.

Catch the Buzz

Daniela Beall

Meet Daniela Beall

Want to talk gardens, landscape management practices and ecological restoration? We're interested! Contact Daniela Beall, our Sustainability Coordinator, with questions, concerns and ideas.

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