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Faculty Development

An important part of any university setting is providing faculty and teaching staff with continued learning opportunities for improving and updating their instructional content. Given that UW-Green Bay is Eco U and that the general education requirement first started in Fall 2014 includes a 3-credit sustainability education component, the campus Sustainability Committee, in collaboration with the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL), began offering a faculty development workshop.

2014-15 Sustainability Integration Professional Development Workshop


The purpose of this opportunity is to integrate sustainability concepts within a wide variety of UW-Green Bay courses so that instructors in courses outside of the disciplines most typically connected with sustainability, such as the natural sciences, gain tools and awareness to integrate sustainability concepts or components into at least one of their courses. For example, a psychology professor might want to look at the topic of behavior change in terms of recycling efforts.

By integrating sustainability topics or modules into a wide variety of courses across the curriculum, students will get exposed to concepts in an interdisciplinary way that helps build their critical thinking skills on this important topic.

Twenty faculty members completed a project, and it is hoped that this opportunity can be offered in subsequent semesters to further increase the dissemination and incorporation of sustainability across the curriculum.

Several completed projects have been made available for download (see below).

List of Participates by Department Completed Projects
Business Patricia Albers
Ryan Kauth
Patricia Albers (pdf, 324KB)
Ryan Kauth (pdf, 269KB)
Education Aurora Cortes
Steve Kimball
Aurora Cortes (pdf, 595KB)
Steve Kimball (pdf, 256KB)
Social Work Sarah Himmelheber Sarah Himmelheber (pdf, 4,067KB)
First Nation Studies JP Leary
Lisa Poupart
JP Leary (pdf, 88KB)
Lisa Poupart (pdf, 407KB)
Psychology and 
Human Development
Ryan Martin
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges
Ryan Martin (pdf, 100KB)
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges  (pdf, 181KB)
Art and Design Alison Gates Alison Gates (pdf, 184KB)
Humanistic Studies Chris Martin
Heidi Sherman
David Voelker
Chris Martin (pdf, 100KB)
Heidi Sherman (pdf, 280KB)
David Voelker (pdf, 289KB)
Public and Environmental Affairs Karen Dalke
Lora Warner
Karen Dalke (pdf, 93KB)
Lora Warner (pdf, 115KB)
Natural and Applied Sciences Franklin Chen
Lisa Grubisha
John Katers
Franklin Chen (pdf, 114KB)
Lisa Grubisha (pdf, 181KB)
John Katers (pdf, 194KB)
Public and Environmental Affairs David Helpap David Helpap (pdf, 764KB)
Humanistic Studies Catherine Henze Catherine Henze (pdf, 65KB)
If you have questions, please contact the chair of the Sustainability Committee.