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RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. Over an 8-week period each spring, colleges across the United States and Canada report the amount of recycling and trash collected each week and are in turn ranked in various categories based on who recycles the most on a per capita basis, as well as which schools have the best recycling rate as a percentage of total waste and which schools generate the least amount of combined trash and recycling. With each week’s updated ranking, participating schools follow their performance against other colleges and use the results to rally their campus to reduce and recycle more.

National recognition is provided to the winning school in each category on the RecycleMania website and in a national press release. Winning schools receive an award made out of recyclable materials, and win the right to host that category’s special traveling trophy for the coming year.

Overall Goals for RecycleMania

  1. Motivate students and staff to increase recycling efforts and reduce waste generation.
  2. Generate attention and support for campus recycling programs.
  3. Encourage colleges to measure and benchmark recycling activity in their effort to improve their programs over time.
  4. Have a fair and friendly competition.
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Competition Results

Ranking of UW-Green Bay among national competition

Competition 2014
Final Ranking
Final Ranking
Grand Champion 160 of 256 95 of 232 35.9% recycling rate
Recycling rate as % of overall waste (trash, recyclables, food organics)
Per Capita Classic 119 of 362 41 of 307 22.3 pounds per capita
Largest amount of recyclables per person
Gorilla 175 of 365 127 of 308 142,272 pounds
Highest gross tonnage of recyclables regardless of population
Waste Minimization 109 of 155 106 of 142 65.8 pounds per capita
Least amount of recyclables & food organics per person
Food Service Organics 116 of 187 n/a  

The Grand Champion category combines trash and each of the core recyclable materials to determine a school’s recycling rate as a percentage of its overall waste generation. The winner will have the highest recycling rate, which means that they not only have reduced trash disposal through waste prevention, but also have a strong recycling program for the acceptable materials.

Per Capita Classic category schools compete to see which can collect the largest combined amount of paper, cardboard and bottles and cans on a per person basis. Along with Waste Minimization and the targeted material categories, results are calculated by dividing recycling weight figures with the full time equivalent (FTE) student and staff population of the school.

The Gorilla Prize category recognizes schools that recycle the highest gross tonnage of combined paper, cardboard and bottle and cans regardless of campus population. Winners of this competition are typically large universities with extensive recycling program.

In the Waste Minimization category schools compete to see which produces the least amount of both recyclables and trash on a per person basis. Where other categories recognize school efforts to collect the recyclables generated on campus, this competition focuses on their efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated, including recyclables. Results are calculated by combining the core recyclable materials (paper, cardboard and cans and bottles) and with the total trash weights for a campus and dividing this number with the campus’s population figure. Schools are recognized based on the lowest overall per person quantity.

There are four separate targeted material categories for Paper, Cardboard, Cans and Bottles, Food Service Organics. In each case, results are calculated to recognize schools recycling the largest amount of the targeted material on a per capita basis.