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CAHSS and Effect

Featured Guests

This program has student alumni participate in interviews about what they received degrees in, where they currently work, and what important goals they are working toward. They interview former students from various programs, including those related to Sustainability.

One of the former students they featured was Taryn Oleson. She is a graduate of the Environmental Policy and Planning Program, she minored in Environmental Science and Public Administration, and she has a certificate in Environmental Sustainability and Business. She is currently a planner for R&M Consultants Inc., a consulting firm in Anchorage, Alaska. She collaborates with the public, engineers, and community partners to equitably improve the quality of life in Alaska. She specializes in land use and community park planning. Commuting to work past one of the parks she helped plan, design, and permit is one of the highlights of her workday. With an interest in reliable clean water systems and political studies, planning was an obvious career path for Taryn. Her visions and goals include improving peoples' quality of life through policy and planning land use and transportation. With these interests and goals, she is gracious she graduated with UW - Green Bay's Environmental Policy and Planning major since it is an area she could see herself being passionate about for most of her life.

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The other featured student who graduated with an environmental degree is Adam Waszak. He graduated with majors in Public Administration, Political Science, and Environmental Policy and Planning. Now, Adam works as the director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry for the Village of Bellevue, Wisconsin. He is responsible for directly overseeing the planning, development, maintenance, and operations of the Village's parks and recreational facilities. The Village itself manages around 330 acres of parkland and conservancy areas as well as over 7,500 participants annually in its recreational programs and community-wide events. Adam majored in Environmental Policy and Planning since parks have always played an important role in his life and he majored in Public Administration and Political Science because he likes to directly see the benefits of his work in a community he is closely connected to. Adam is currently working to progress his professional development and round out his skill set by taking classes and working towards additional certifications.

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