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In the 2015-2016 performance year, UW-Green Bay reduced its total building energy consumption per gross square foot of floor area compared to its 2013-2014 baseline year.

Percentage reduction in total building energy consumption (source energy) per unit of floor area from baseline: 25.51%
  Performance Year 2015-2016 Baseline Year 2013-2014
Grid-purchased electricity 37,372 MMBtu 40,203 MMBtu
Electricity from on-site renewable 64 MMBtu 0 MMBtu
District steam/hot water  (sourced from offsite) 0 MMBtu 0 MMBtu
Energy from all other sources (excluding transportation fuels) 86,172 MMBtu 84,661 MMBtu
Total 123,608 MMBtu 124,864 MMBtu
Gross floor area of building space 1,998,656 Gross Square Feet 1,538,915 Gross Square Feet
Site energy 0.06 MMBtu/GSF 0.08 MMBtu/GSF
Source energy 0.12 MMBtu/GSF 0.16 MMBtu/GSF