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What would be do without energy sources – natural gas to heat our campus, electricity to power all our devices? It is something necessary to our lifestyle today but that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted. There is an environmental cost for every BTU (natural gas) and KWH (electricity) that we use!

Information on how to reduce energy usage abounds

Do a quick search and you can find tips on reducing energy in your dorm room or apartment or home, as well as tips on how to be energy efficient in your transportation decisions: 

Basically, it comes down to building your own awareness of your habits, learning what alternatives exists, and taking action to change habits that might not be energy efficient.

On campus, too, our facilities team continually looks for ways to operate the buildings more efficiently to conserve energy. That’s done through automated systems such as motion detectors for lights, upgrading lighting systems to those that are more efficient, scheduling the buildings heating and ventilations systems in order to save money on utility costs, and other means of managing the systems. A retrofit of some of the campus lighting was highlighted in this story from campus: Lighting the way to savings and sustainability. Additional lighting retrofits will be happening across campus in the coming year, so keep your eyes peeled for new bright, energy efficient lights.