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From the 8th floor of the Cofrin Library, looking west, you’ll see a big expanse of water: the Bay of Green Bay. We also have several ponds located in the Cofrin Arboretum, and Mahon Creek runs through campus. From where our campus sits, fresh water is just such a normal backdrop to our everyday lives, so much so that we often take it for granted. Clean drinking water and non-polluted surface and groundwater are vital to healthy human and natural environments.

UW-Green Bay offers many opportunities for students to take personal action steps to reduce their water ‘footprint’ as well as academic opportunities to either take a course or even build a career in this important field.

Hydration Stations

One way you can make an impact is by choosing to use one of the 16 hydration stations or one of over 45 water fountains located across campus to fill a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water. It’s better for the environment and just as good for you! As of October 2018, the hydration stations across campus have helped to divert over 1 million water bottles from the landfill. By the way, did you know that about 40% of bottled water in the U.S. is just tap water that you’re paying for when you could get it for free instead?

You can learn more about our water at UW-Green Bay, which comes from Lake Michigan, here:

Check out more facts about bottled water and the movement Take Back the Tap at , and find general information on drinking water in Wisconsin can be found on the DNR website

Hydration stations on campus can be found at the following locations:

  • Cofrin Library, 3rd floor
  • Cofrin Library, 8th floor
  • MAC Hall, 2nd floor West, across from the food cart
  • GAC Lab/Instructional Services
  • Rose Hall, 2nd floor
  • Wood Hall, 1st floor
  • Studio Arts, near food court area
  • Environmental Sciences, 3rd floor
  • Kress Events Center, near locker rooms
  • University Union, across from Phoenix Rooms
  • Student Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Wood Hall, 2nd floor 
  • Theater Hall, 1st floor 
  • Lab Sciences, 1st floor 
  • MAC Hall, 2nd floor East 

Efficient Usage

Our facilities team continues to work on increasing our efficient usage of water through installing low-flow fixtures for sinks and toilets. You can help, too, by saving in various ways such as not letting the water run while you brush your teeth, take shorter showers, wash only full-loads of clothes and dishes, and washing your car on the lawn instead of the driveway. You can find other useful tips here:

Stormwater run-off

Part of keeping our fresh water resources healthy is managing what runs off, or through, the land into the groundwater, streams and lakes. Managing stormwater run-off is an important piece of this effort and UW-Green Bay has a specific stormwater management program in place. All our stormwater from campus discharges to the bay, so that’s why it’s very important to monitor and manage. You can learn about it here: