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Austin E. Cofrin

School of Business

Business Concepts Certificate

The Business Concepts Certificate will develop your business skills, covering strategic and people management, operations and financial planning. Course include:
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
Business and its Environment
Personal Financial Planning
Organizational Behavior Across Sectors
By completing the courses within the emphasis, you can also earn a micro-credential, if desired, known as a digital badge. A digital badge is a display of the learning accomplished. It can be clicked on and the metadata behind the badge is displayed, so employers, colleges, and the community can see what has been accomplished. 
Code Title Credits
BUS ADM 202 Business and its Environment 3
COMM 166 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication 3
FIN 282 Personal Financial Planning 3
ORG LEAD 348 Organizational Behavior Across Sectors 3
Total Credits   12