Graduate Special Students (non-degree seeking)

Persons holding baccalaureate degrees or higher who wish to enroll in graduate courses at UW-Green Bay but who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree or participate in the graduate program may enroll as a special student.

Examples include: 

  • those looking for a graduate certificate
  • those transferring credit to another program outside of UW-Green Bay
  • those taking courses for personal enrichment

Graduate credit will be awarded provided the student registers in graduate-level courses as a graduate special student and pays graduate fees*. Credits for which neither graduate fees were paid nor graduate credit awarded cannot be retroactively converted to graduate credits.

Graduate special students are not eligible for Independent Study, Internships, or Culminating Experiences (e.g. thesis or capstone projects).
Not all graduate courses are open to graduate special students. To view available graduate courses, please visit our schedule of classes

A graduate special student who decides to pursue a UW-Green Bay graduate degree must submit an application and be admitted to enter the degree program of their choice.
Often the credits earned as a graduate special student may be applied toward the M.S. degree; however, this is not guaranteed.
A maximum of 50% of a program's credits may be earned as a graduate special student at UW-Green Bay prior to matriculation into the degree program. 

If you've decided on which courses you'd like to take as a Graduate Special you may begin the application process here

If you are a UWGB undergraduate student and you wish to take a graduate level course, please view the process here

*Graduate Special Students are not eligible for financial aid.