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Next Steps

After you have received your official letter of admission from the Office of Graduate Studies, there are some important things you will need to review and complete to ensure you are able to enroll in your classes and start your program.

Set Up Your UW-Green Bay Account

In order to log into your email, Student Information System (SIS) and other accounts you will first need to set up your password.

Set Up Your Account

Access Your Student Email

In your admission letter from the Office of Graduate Studies, you will have received instructions on how to access your student email for the first time. If you are having any issues logging in, please contact the IT Service Desk at or 920-465-2309 to set up your account. The Office of Graduate Studies will use your UW-Green Bay email address as a primary contact.

Complete Payment Agreement

Approximately two weeks before registration starts for every term, a hold will automatically be placed on all student accounts that will restrict them from registering until the Payment Agreement is reviewed and accepted by the student. At the same time the hold goes on, the Registrar's office will send out notifications to students with registration information, along with a reminder to review all holds on a student's SIS account. For questions regarding your charges, please call the Bursar Student Billing Office at 920-465-2224, Room 1300 Student Services Building.

Payment Agreement

Registering for Classes

**If you’re in a collaborative program (Applied Biotechnology, Biodiversity Conservation & Management, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Health & Wellness Management or Sustainable Management), your success coach will contact you once you have received your UW-Green Bay admission letter to complete the honor code requirement with you. Afterwards, you will receive information on how to request your permission numbers and use them to enroll in courses via SIS. You’ll request permission numbers every semester to enroll in your collaborative program courses. For collaboratives, start dates for the semester are later than non-collaborative programs. Find out how and when to register for both collaborative and non-collaborative programs.

Adding or Dropping Courses After Drop Date

Any courses added or dropped after Week 2 will result in fee liabilities of 50% to 100% of fees (see Student Billing Resources page). Please use the SIS to be sure you are registered for the correct classes and sections before this date. For questions regarding your payments, UW-Green Bay billing policies or procedures, call the Bursar Student Billing Office at 920-465-2224.

Contact Your Advisor

In your SIS account, there will be a box on the right-hand side indicating your advisor’s name and contact information. This person has been assigned to you based on your program. Reach out to your advisor prior to the start of classes or at least once during the semester to check in. Your advisor can answer any questions on courses, course transfers, course substitutions, program details and your path to graduation.

Marci Hoffman, Graduate Studies staff

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