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Graduate research and teaching assistantships are available for select graduate studies programs.  Assistantships are considered a 50% position and Graduate Assistants are expected to devote approximately 20 hours per week performing assigned duties.

Graduate Assistants receive:

  1. 9-month salary of $12,427.50 which includes fringe benefits
  2. Out-of-State tuition waiver to non-resident and Midwest Student Exchange Program students
  3. Comprehensive health insurance plan. 

Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis for their respective programs. To be eligible for graduate assistantships, students must be:

  • fully admitted to the program 
  • enrolled for a minimum of six credits of course work each semester and no fewer than 15 credits during the entire academic year
    • Exception: minimum enrollment requirement does not apply to part-time MSW students
  • maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average for graduate courses.

Additional information regarding specific types of assistantships can be found below. Read more in the Graduate Catalog.

Environmental Science and Policy Assistantships:
First Nations Graduate Assistantship - Wisconsin Sea Grant
Master of Science in Management Assistantships:
Master of Science in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Assistantships:
Master of Social Work Assistantships:

For general information, contact:

  • Office of Graduate Studies
    University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, CL 835
    2420 Nicolet Drive
    Green Bay, Wisconsin 54311-7001