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The MSW Field Coordinator oversees the graduate-level Field program and will provide specific directions and timelines for completion of forms and other required actions throughout the actual placement process.  In the meantime, please explore this webpage to learn about the internship requirements and diverse social work practice areas.  This information will help prepare you for the field placement process.

                                                                               We look forward to sharing this journey with you!
In addition to the Field section of the MSW Student Handbook, the Frequently Asked Questions document provides supplementary information about your upcoming Field placement.  We encourage you to review both sources.
Social Work Practice Areas
The following sites provide information about the wide range of social work practice areas.  This overview may help inform your preference for practica and/or future professional practice.  If, after reviewing these sites, you are still uncertain of your future path, we encourage you to request a meeting with an MSW advisor by contacting the MSW Field Coordinator at
National Association of Social Workers Occupational Profiles
Social Work Guide

General Timeline
The Field application process begins at the start of the calendar year with your self-preparation.  The timeline is driven by your prompt actions and responses, along with agency availability.  The goal is to have all placements secured by late spring
     January:      Follow the steps in the section below entitled Preparing for Your Field Placement
     February:    Complete field placement application
     March:         Rank field placement options
     March/April: Resume to field agency
     April/May:    Interview with field agency
     May/June:    Secure field placement
Preparing for Your Field Placement
As you contemplate your MSW internship, we encourage you to be as prepared as possible. The following steps can be started at anytime.
  • Review the Field section of MSW Student Handbook and the FAQ document.  Students are expected to be self-informed of all MSW Program policies and procedures.
  • Explore the section above entitled Social Work Practice Areas, particularly if you are uncertain of the area you wish to pursue. The Community Partners page of this website will give you an idea of specific agencies we have worked with over the years.
  • You will be required to submit a current resume as part of your field application.  The resume is the first “picture” an agency has of a potential student.  Therefore, it should be professional, accurate, and free of errors.  UW-Green Bay Career Services has several resources to guide a well-written resume.
  • Agencies who volunteer to provide MSW internships have the right and responsibility to interview potential students before agreeing to a placement.  Students are encouraged to view these interviews as they would a paid job interview.  The Interview Guide provides helpful hints to prepare for internship interviews.  The UW-Green Bay Career Services is also a helpful resource for this preparation.
  • Check your UW-Green Bay email on a regular basis as all communications regarding the Field application process will begin with an email.
Completing the Field Placement Process
The Field placement process can be competitive.  In order to ensure a successful match, it is critical that students follow the procedures and timelines as they are presented.  All communications will be sent via UW-Green Bay email; students are expected to monitor their email on a regular basis and respond to requests in a timely manner.  The high level of professionalism that is expected during the Field interview begins with the application process.  Several forms are required for all MSW Field placements.  The following points provide information about many of those forms.
  • The Student Placement and Agent Liability Coverage Confirmation Form is to be completed and signed by the student and agency field instructor after both parties commit to the placement.  The signed form should be scanned and emailed to the MSW Field Coordinator at within 5 business days of the commitment.
  • Some agencies conduct a Criminal and Caregiver Background Check on behalf of their students; others require the students to obtain this information independently.  If the agency requests you to make these arrangements, please contact UWGB's Office of Public Safety at 920-465-2300 to have the background check conducted.  The report should be sent directly to the field agency.   NOTE: The results of Background Checks can influence a student’s ability to obtain certain field placements. If you have any questions or concerns based on your situation, please contact the MSW Field Coordinator at
  • Before the start of the semester, you will receive an email about driver authorization through UWGB. Please check your email in mid- to late-August so that you do not delay the processing of your driver authorization. If you do not submit this in a timely manner, it could inhibit some of your activities at your field agency.
  • Certain placements, such as those in a medical setting, may require additional documentation.  This information is provided to students as needed.

Save the Date

MSW Field Orientation will be held on Friday, September 6, 2019 on the UW-Green Bay campus.  This orientation is required for all students entering Field in the fall and counts toward the required Field hours.  Specific details will be provided via email.
MSW Field Coordinator

Margaret Kubek, MSW, MS