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Driver Authorization

Employees and students who are required to drive on University sponsored business must be authorized to drive in accordance with UW System Policy prior to using personal vehicles, rental vehicles, or other University controlled vehicle.

Driver Authorization is mandatory for University officers, employees, or agents who are required to drive on University business and who are using a University owned or leased vehicle. The University Driver Authorization Standards are outlined in the Department of Administration’s Driver Authorization Process and Requirements.

Driver Authorization is required for University officers, employees, and students to operate any vehicle on University Business. Individuals assigned such vehicles should contact the Risk Manager regarding any questions on related business and personal use policies.

Instructions for Obtaining Driver Authorization

Vehicle Use Agreement Portal
Portal User Guide

Minimum Driving Standards

Individuals must meet the following minimum standards to be granted driver authorization:
  1. Authorized drivers must have a valid driver license
    • Residents of Wisconsin must obtain a Wisconsin license within 30 days of establishing residency.
    • People with an out of country license (with the exception of Canada) must obtain a Wisconsin license if they want to drive a vehicle on University business.
  2. Authorized drivers must have a minimum of two year’s driving experience.
  3. Authorized drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  4. Authorized drivers must have a motor vehicle driving record that meets DOA minimums.  Authorization will be denied if driving record reflects any of the following:
    • Three or more moving violations, as defined by DOA, in the past two years.
    • An OWI or DUI within the last 12 months.
    • A suspended or revoked license.

Note these requirements represent a minimum driving record to qualify for authorization.  It remains the discretion of the Risk Manager to grant authorization.

UW System Driver Authorization Policy


The current authorization of individuals to operate on University Business can be found in the Enterprise Fleet Management System.  The following steps will get you where you need to go for the online verification:

  • Select Type of Employee:  UW, click Logon
  • Select UW Campus:  UW Green Bay, click Logon
  • Sign in with your UWGB username & password
  • Click on Reports
  • Click Driver Summary
  • Type in First Name, Last Name
  • Click View Report

Renewal, Termination and Suspension

Once an employee is authorized to drive in their capacity as an employee, the authorization will continue so long as they continue to be employed by UWGB and continue to maintain an appropriate driving record.

Students who obtain authorizations within an academic year will be purged from the authorization list on August 31 of the academic year.  It will be necessary for the students to re-submit the Vehicle Use Agreement after September 1 of the next academic year to renew their authorization.
All employees or students are required to report immediately to Risk Management any conviction or other action, which would negatively affect the minimum driving requirements. 

All employees and students must maintain a valid driver license in good standing to maintain authorization and shall report immediately the expiration, suspension or revocation of driver licenses.  

Employees and student will receive a notice of termination or suspension if the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles Report shows reason to remove authorization.