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Sustainable Learning Community


Connecting science, business, and philosophy

In the Fall 2013, UW-Green Bay launched a Learning Community program with the goal of giving sophomores an opportunity to engage in a truly interactive learning experience on a pressing social issue within a small group setting. Community members took a common set of three linked courses that all related in some way to the theme of the community and attended an additional course meeting each week where the students and all three professors of the courses further discussed the topics at hand.

The Sustainability Learning Community focused on the interconnections between science, business and philosophy, in relation to the concept of sustainability. This is an increasingly important area that all students as future participants in the global economy need to understand as they will be dealing with climate change, increasing population, and resource scarcity.

Courses that the students took as part of the Sustainability Learning Community included Environmental Science 260 ("Energy and Society"), Business Administration 202 ("Business and Its Environment"), and Philosophy 101 ("Introduction to Philosophy"). Two field trips took the students to a wind energy installation and to the Aldo Leopold Foundation.


Review of the 2013 event

UW-Green Bay's Inside News featured the Sustainable Learning Community in an article (Click here!) and on Youtube: