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Sustainability Tips

Get networked!

UW-Green Bay is home to several student orgs, clubs, and interest groups who all are committed to making sustainability an experience!


Find out what's on and join a sustainability event on campus!

Save from the start!

Whether you live on campus or in town, learn how to save energy and water in your new home! Housing and ResLife has collected a lot of helpful information.


On top of over 45 bubblers (as we call a water fountain here), UW-Green Bay has 16 hydration stations, where you can fill your water bottle quickly and easily! No need to ever spend your cash on water from a store, just bring your bottle and refill for free! You save money, and the environment! P.S.: The kitchen tap at home is another great place to refill.


In all buildings on campus you can find recycling containers. Save it from the landfill by recycling!

Take a class!

UW-Green Bay offers more than 100 classes related to the environment and sustainability.

Make your degree greener!

The Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) offers a special sustainability certificate open to students from all academic programs. Graduate in time, while expanding your career opportunities with a special qualification.

Connect with faculty!

UW-Green Bay is home to a diverse faculty with a broad interest range. Connect today, and get to know your teachers and mentors!

Know your impact!

Which effects does your lifestyle have on your environment? Learn more about your footprint, and how to make a difference!