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Teaching Press Internships

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It’s time to take chances, make mistakes and get messy.

One thing that we always emphasize here is that The Press is a learning experience for the students involved. Failure is baked in, so be prepared to mess up – we learn best from our mistakes, after all! Internships give you the freedom to take chances and learn the publishing process before your first job.

Meet Our Current Interns   

Students work with Teaching Press Equipment

Internship Positions

The following intern positions entail high-impact learning, direction, modeling and mentorship. Some interns serve only one semester; others continue and assume leadership roles as Project Managers or Press Manager. Interns each work 100-150 hours/term. The Press hires 2 to 12 interns each term, including summer. All interns will:

  • Attend, and often run, client and staff meetings.
  • Produce professional materials, with Director feedback, for their job portfolios.
  • Work collaboratively on project teams and on the larger Press staff.
  • Receive mentoring and supporting from the Director.

Questions? Contact Professor Meacham, Press Director, at

General Intern

A Teaching Press general intern will:

  • Identify and apply components and design elements of a book anatomy.
  • Learn and execute roles and stages of book publishing, including copyediting, printing, marketing and promotion.
  • Engage skills of project management, workflow, collaboration, budgeting and business operation, and if possible, the printing of books on Press machinery.
  • Attend all intern/project/team meetings, including client meetings.

Press Manager

Works closely with the Press Director (Professor Meacham) on all aspects of Press production. To that end, the Press Manager will:

  • Attend, with Press Director, all meetings with prospective clients, booksellers, legal and accounting as needed and take notes.
  • Attend all Project Team meetings and take notes.
  • Helm, direct and oversee smaller, one-off projects as tasked by the Press Director.
  • Check in with Project Managers to assess needs.
  • Manage workflow for the Press and all its projects.

Recommended experience: At least two terms on Teaching Press staff.

Project Manager

Acts as coordinator and director of a single book or print project for the Teaching Press. A Project Manager will:

  • Communicate regularly with the client, Press Director (Meacham) and Press Manager to discuss progress on project.
  • Work with design, marketing, developmental editing and copyediting, to coordinate client meetings and workflow.
  • Assign project stages, solve problems, set deadlines and keep the project moving.

Recommended experience: At least one term on Teaching Press staff.

Publicity Director

Spreads the news about the Press to the public at large, including potential employers of interns, clients and community partners. This position may work alone or with staff to:

  • Create content for Teaching Press social media communications, blog and website.
  • Write a seasonal Press newsletter using MailChimp.
  • Write press releases on Press events, projects and collaborations.

Recommended skill base: Canva or InDesign, WordPress.

Book Designer

Designs the look, size and graphics of a single book or print project for the Teaching Press. The Book Designer will:

  • Work with the client, Project Manager, Copyeditor, marketing, developmental editing and staff to propose ideas for the cover, interior, front matter, back matter, words and design of the book.
  • Propose and design graphic elements, charts, displays and other visual elements of book.
  • Create a design style guide for the project.

Required skill base: InDesign and Photoshop (or comparable programs). Required application: Submit design portfolio or permission of Press Director (Meacham).

Marketing Director

Oversees the marketing, sales plan and press kit for a single Press project. This position may work alone or with staff to:

  • Discuss, with Project Manager, all aspects of book marketing.
  • Conduct market research and create a sales and marketing plan for the book.
  • Write content for Teaching Press catalog, website and promotional material, including press releases and a launch event.

Required skill base: InDesign.

Chief Copyeditor

Works to ensure grammatical and stylistic consistency, and source facts and images, for a single Press project. This editor may work alone or with staff to:

  • Create a style guide for each book project.
  • Source all reprinted, quoted or photographed material in the project.
  • Fact-check names, places, locations, dates, events and information.
  • Serve as final approver of all copy for correctness and intention before printing.

Recommended experience: at least one college course, or comparable experience, in any of the following: grammar, copyediting, Sheepshead ReviewNorthern LightsVoyageur or The Teaching Press.

Developmental Editor

Works with a client whose manuscript is in development to tell the story they envision. This editor may work alone or with staff to:

  • Gather material from the client, conduct interviews, write passages, identify points of interest or information and/or revise the client’s words into a completed manuscript.
  • Offer client suggestions regarding tone, voice, manuscript development, organization, front matter, back matter and sections/section titles.
  • Work with copyediting/factchecking teams on names, places, locations, facts and research.

Recommended experience: At least two college courses, or comparable experience, in creative writing, academic writing or professional writing.

Community Engagement Director

Brings the Press to the community, and the community to the Press by creating community-based Press projects and communicating with Press partners. This position may work alone or with staff to:

  • Plan hands-on bookmaking events for schools, organizations or community groups.
  • Maintain and develop a list of Press collaborators at UW-Green Bay and within our 16-county footprint.
  • Identify sources of funding for print projects and Press events and write grant proposals as applicable.
  • Communicate with future, past and current clients, donors, sponsors and partners.

Recommended experience: At least one college course or comparable experience in Arts Management, Arts Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit Management or The Teaching Press. 

Operations Manager

Functions as the gearhead of the staff, working on the logistics of printing, binding, trimming and other operations that require Press space or machinery. This position may work alone or with staff to:

  • Develop physical prototypes of all print projects for the Press.
  • Assess and identify paper stock and weights for each Press project.
  • Propose binding types and book sizes for projects, including, if applicable, hand-binding.
  • Monitor the working order of Press machinery.

Recommended: Interest in machines, paper, bookmaking, binding, sewing.

Zachary Schneider

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“My Teaching Press internship prepared me more for my 'adult' job than any other college experience. From taking on new varying responsibilities to figuring things out and teaching yourself as you go to bringing together the right people to succeed, I learned these directly applicable skills during my time with the Teaching Press.”

Zachary Schneider '20
Junior Digital Marketing Editor and Writer with Sterling Law Offices

Rebecca Meacham

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Interested in becoming part of the Teaching Press? We'd be glad to have you! The Press is a great opportunity to build up both your personal skill-sets and your resume for the future, and learn about bookmaking while you’re at it.

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