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The Village and the Vagabond

From Roots to

Tim Weyenberg’s work as a writer began in his teen years, as he reflected on the places, people and values that were foundational in his development. The poems and commentaries in The Village and the Vagabond chronicle both the village that bore him and his vagabond years, before he returned to his roots.

Author Tim Weyenberg
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Drawing Inspiration Literally

Weyenberg’s poetry draws inspiration from the Wisconsin landscape and his youth, as well as his relationship with his wife of 50 years and essential friendships throughout his lifetime. Several poems in The Village and The Vagabond are accompanied by sketches hand drawn by Weyenberg himself.

About Weyenberg – The Man Behind the Material

Growing up in the Village of Kimberly in northeastern Wisconsin in the 1950s, Tim experienced the idyllic setting of a small Midwestern community where family, church and neighbors helped form his perspective on what was important in life that he carried with him through his vagabond years.

As a teenager, he left the peaceful small-town life of Kimberly for prep school, eventually living in various places throughout the Midwest where he went to college and began a successful career in business. He and his wife Maryanne raised two children, and he returned frequently to the village to visit family and friends. Tim and his family returned permanently to the area in the late 1980s.

He is also a retired CEO and current University trustee and the University’s first named Executive-in-Residence for the Cofrin School of Business.

Tim and Maryanne are now retired and reside in northeastern Wisconsin, where they stay involved in the local community. Most recently, Tim helped The Teaching Press at UW-Green Bay get its start.

Take a Peek

The Village

“We are what places let us be. Color. Shape and Motion. Truth is we are never really free.” OES.

Place. We are all held captive in a way by the places we have been. And the place we are now. For many years Oliver E. Samuel and I have been writing about places and their role in our lives. About the people that made them what they are. He is the versifier, the maker of poems, the rhymer of rhymes. I the connector. The tailor whose threads seam together his sporadic and episodic verses. And what better place to begin than the village where we were born.

“We keep coming back to what we really are, tethered to the homeland. We keep turning over those same old ruins, grave-robbers pillaging the past.” – Hindsight.

There can be no homecoming without a home. Every time we return we make the village ours again. Each time in the streets of our minds, in the alleyways of our hearts.

The Vagabond

Time and the river flow endlessly. We stand in midstream and feel the rush at our thighs. And learn over again all the things we thought we left behind. Washed again by the waters of our lives. Are we searching for peace or just a place to be clean again?

Rebecca Meacham

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