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The Golden Age of Brown County Enterprise

Bedrock of Our

Most people associate the east and west coast with large, innovative companies. But here in the Midwest – specifically in Green Bay – countless companies reinvented business in the 80s and 90s. Phil Hauck investigates the history of these companies and hopes to highlight the internal workings to show people what it takes to be successful.

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Phil Hauck
Student works with Phil HauckPhil Hauck meets with studentsPhil Hauck and student bind bookPhil Hauck and student work with Teaching Press Equipment

First Official

The author of our first project, Tim J. Weyenberg, recommended The Teaching Press to Phil Hauck, and thus the process for The Golden Age of Brown County began! Four interns worked with Hauck on the book: Sabrina Sodermark, project leader; Kori Koehler, designer; Shianne Dragonowski, chief copyeditor; and Danielle Lemke, press manager. The partnership was so valuable that Hauck went back to the book’s interviewees and asked for contributions to further the development of the Teaching Press, which raised $6,000 to buy improved software and printing equipment.

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