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Preserving local history and amplifying regional authors.

We pride ourselves on being a press with the freedom to publish work from a wide range of voices. Two avenues of publishing – client and house-published – help authors achieve their dreams. With client projects, clients approach us with a manuscript, while house-published projects are a general concept that we develop, then publish.

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Two student hold up first draft of Call Me Morgue

Our Projects

Extrerior view of Viking House

The Viking House Saga: A Journey into Experiential Archeology at UW-Green Bay

by Owen Christanson and Heidi Sherman

Equal parts heartfelt memoir, practical construction guide, cookbook and educational lesson plan, The Viking House Saga: A Journey into Experiential Archeology at UW-Green Bay will take you on a journey through hands-on study of Viking history and culture. Learn how to build a Viking Age longhouse using authentic techniques, cook flatbread and Skyr, and grow flax for weaving clothing. Along the way, you’ll join the authors and a community of makers, craftspeople, teachers and re-enactors as you discover how a hand-crafted Viking House became a beloved part of UW-Green Bay campus culture, Green Bay community and the Midwest Viking Festival.

Book launch celebrated October 4, 2023.

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Cover of Lower Fox River PCB Clean Up Timeline

Lower Fox River PCB Cleanup Timeline: Introducing an Electronic Reference Library 

by Captain Greg Neuschafer

The Fox River was the site of widespread ecological damage by the paper mills along its banks. After years of litigation, it's also the site of the largest environmental clean-up of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in history. In this book, you’re invited to explore the unintended consequences of producing carbonless paper and its underlying chemistry of PCBs on the health of the Fox River and Lower Green Bay. Presented as a timeline over series of interactive, fold-out pages, this overview traces over 70 years of PCBs' impact upon the river.

Book launch in October 2023.

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Author posing with portrait

A Portrait of Grief and Courage

by Sandra Shackelford

Forced to flee from their homes in Laos to escape a secret holocaust, the Hmong people have found refuge in America for the past fifty years. This compendium presents readers with gripping and compelling perspectives told first-hand and reveals the hardships faced by this forgotten community.

Transcribed from Hmong into English, these raw testimonies will tell the stories of the grief Hmong refugees faced when first arriving in America and the courage they had to persevere through it.

Published on December 13, 2023; learn more in our blog.

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The cover of Wandering Toft Point Journal

Wandering Toft Point: A Nature Journal

by UW-Green Bay Scientific Illustration Student Organization, et al.

This interactive nature journal inspired by Door County’s Toft Point Natural Area is filled with original illustrations and poetry. The journal invites readers to record observations, sketch wildlife and learn about flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the state.

Wandering Toft Point   

Matt Bollant, Kevin Borseth and Carol Hammorle, the three coaches for the women's basketball program

The Green Bay Way

by Peter Kraker

While his daughter, Mehryn Kraker, played for the UW-Green Bay women’s basketball team, Peter Kraker became fascinated with the program and began doing research. His work culminated in The Green Bay Way, a book outlining how the team became a dynasty. Almost 100 people, including players, coaches and fans, were interviewed to tell the story of the team, from its beginnings in 1973 to now. All profits were donated to the women’s basketball program.

The Green Bay Way   

Cover art for Call Me Morgue

Call Me Morgue

by Morgan Moran

Turns out the death industry isn’t as depressing as you’d think. Morgan Moran, author of Call Me Morgue, says people would be surprised by how much she laughs with her co-workers. But there are still a fair share of sad moments, of course, like crying over a dead lady’s foot. Based on the author’s blog, Call Me Morgue presents the “death lessons” Moran has learned as a mortician’s apprentice in an effort to normalize death, dying and loss.

Call Me Morgue   

Picture of Tim J. Weyenberg, author of the Village and the Vagabond

The Village and the Vagabond

by Tim J. Weyenberg

Inspired by a childhood growing up in Kimberly and the Wisconsin landscape, Tim J. Weyenberg's The Village and The Vagabond is a book of poems, some of which are accompanied by illustrations.

The Village and the Vagabond   

Art from The Diary of Homes McGee

The Diary of Homes McGee: A Great Lakes Summer Vacation

by Jessica Cook & Eric VanRemortel with illustrations by Liam Jackson

The best education represents a blend of learning plus entertainment. In The Diary of Homes McGee: A Great Lakes Summer Vacation, a little boy named Homes McGee keeps a journal of his travels around the Great Lakes.

The Diary of Homes McGee   

Phil Hauck author of The Golden Age of Brown County Enterprise

The Golden Age of Brown County Enterprise

by Phil Hauck

As the first official client referral, The Golden Age of Brown County Enterprise shows our growth and accomplishments here at the Teaching Press. In this fifth title from our Press, Phil Hauck, chair of The Executive Committee, now VISTAGE III, XXXII, tells the history of local businesses on the cutting edge of industry, like KI and Schneider.

The Golden Age of Brown County Enterprise   

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